Thursday, December 2, 2010

RePost- My Mexican Hell

First let me begin by saying that two of my children and ex husband are of Hispanic that gives me free will to comment and not be racist.:)

There is a lovely little house across from me. I am at the bottom of a dead end street. A street that contains only 6 houses. Three which are vacant. The one across from me is such a cute house for a family, old school covered porch with a lovely porch swing a beautiful yard and an amazing array of old and mighty trees, perfect for raising a family.
However, for the past 4 years that house has been rented to GROUPS of Mexican men. Many different groups that trade out in the night. Just as you begin to recognize them they disappear and are replaced by a new group. Something like an underground railroad. Most of the groups have been okay. I mean the yard is not greatly kept up nor the porch and the soccer games of 30+ men have provided me some entertainment. The men work and don't bother anyone well except for the 15 different cars that pull up and honk the horns in the wee hours of the morning as the men head off to work.

The last group was the worst of the bunch. Their front lawn and porch was covered with Natural Light cans.. about 1,000 of them at least. They played their carnival music loud and had a habit of speeding up and down the road. Thankfully they are now gone and the property owners spent weeks just cleaning the place up all the while complaining that this will not happen again.

Over the past few weeks I have spotted many a family come by to view the house. Each time getting my hopes up hoping that my kids would have some nice playmates close to home. This one family came several times seeming wonderful, through my slatted mini blinds at least. Saturday I awoke to the noise of new neighbors. Yeah! I opened my blinds to get a peek and NOOOO! Eighteen cars littered the streets and driveway! All I saw was Hispanic men everywhere! What happened to the nice family? Where are the kids! Calm down I told myself.. maybe they are just helping the nice family move in. But no I think not... at 3am Saturday night all the cars left and I noticed there were end tables, baby furniture, and bags of clothes on the porch.... the uncovered part. All getting rained on. The trash can is overflowing by the curb animals have gotten into it and there is litter everywhere. And it is Tuesday the furniture and clothes remain and the trash is spreading farther. HELP!! Save me from my Mexican Hell!

UPDATE- So a year later and that family still remains. I have no clue who lives there I often see a mom walking the kids to the bus stop but other than that I never see any kids outside?? I do see different men and women coming and going but I'm way too busy to keep watch over them. They now have a bookshelf and a couch on the front porch.This is also the family that my new neighbor has deemed "crack dealers". The jury is still out on that one and now....according to the neighbor....they have chickens running around their yard. I have not seen a chicken as of yet but I got my eyes on them. When I moved here 8 years ago the neighborhood was all white, with one Hispanic family, then a whitey moved out and a black family moved in. Now there are no blacks, no whites, just Mexicans and me and the lady next door. I do kinda feel like I live in Mexico, there is often carnival music playing but I find their culture interesting and they do send me tacos and shit so it's not too much of a bother but for the fact that I am now the minority on my street.


  1. You make me like my HOA. They frown on chickens, more than 1 family in a house and not items like a bookshelf and a couch on the porch.

    And trust me I hate them - the fuckin' HOA Nazi's.

  2. If you are trying not to sound like a racist, why do you refer to the white people as "whitey" but you don't refer to the black family as "blackies" or the mexicans as "tannies" It's offensive that you would let everyone know your not a racist but call people "whitey" And your white - so I don't get it? Oh, I have the right to say that because I'm white - No sweetie - that still doesn't make it ok.

  3. I am hispanic! And I will tell you that time and time again a good way to fuck up a neighborhood is to let the spics in!

    And to Anonymous who posted before me. She does have the right to say it and not be racist because
    1} Its her blog and
    2} There is a clear difference between a Caucasian and a "Whitey"...just as there is a clear difference between a Hispanic and a "Spic".

    The key is? Ignorance. So this Joker says, "Get a clue"

  4. I wouldn't like 18 cars full of people and loud music constantly playing across the street no matter WHO was playing it. I think there is a rule in our neighborhood that only a single family can live in a house? That's probably a rule everywhere? I don't know. I hope your kids get some nice neighbor children to play with soon, too!

  5. I specifically wanna address Anonymous- Sorry that my references offended you. Since you are anonymous I do not know if you are a regular reader or not, but I will adress you as if you are new here. I am a humorous blogger as stated at the very top of my blog. Much like a comedian would I sometimes use racial slurs, bad words, even threaten to kill people.
    I would never treat anyone any differently due to their race and have a VERY blended family therefore I am not a racist. I curse because its fun and I would never actually kill someone so this blog is mostly light, fun entertainment. Because I am white I felt comfortable using "whitey". Much like black folks use the N word but nonblacks should not. I almost used the word cracker, I can only imagine how that would have offended you. So For the Love of God LIGHTEN UP.

    And to the Joker- Thank you for defending me and my blog.

  6. Sorry.. had one more thing to say. I find it very odd that my whole post was complaining about Mexicans and if anything I thought I would be accussed of being racist against Mexicans. It is very odd that I posted several paragraphs depicting my hispanic friends in an unflattering light and you had no issue with that but I used the word "whitey" once and that upset you so. Hmmm Interesting.

  7. 'couch on the front porch'

    This is a serious step down for the neighborhood. You need to contact city or county inspectors. If your area is zoned single family you can get the boarding house closed.

  8. I would call the city and make a formal complaint, but they sound like the neighbors we have - we call them "Momma and Poppa Roach". We never see them in daylight! LOL. And they don't keep their yard up, either, but they don't have trash around the property and they're not loud, so I just let it go.

  9. Raquel: I'm offended by whitey - umm, because I'm white. I just thought if your going to say be fair to all - use the word spic, use the work blackie. But you didn't you used, Mexican and Black family. I'll lighten up when I'm not offended. And just for the record I am a regular reader here, and posted anon so I wouldn't get personally ripped by your readers for just voicing my opinion. Joker - you have read and commented on my blog - only you aren't so aggressive over there. And just for the record, I wasn't calling you a racist, you are obviously not - I was wondering why use the term whitey - it is offensive.

  10. Anon- I will not change the way I write/speak because it is who I am. I thought I cleared up why I didn't use the other words such as blackie or Spic...I am neither black or hispanic therefore that would be tricky to defend. Anyway, I'm glad you are a regular reader and hope to not lose you but I blog to be free to be me and that is what I will continue to do. You're opinion, although I completely disagree with it, is still welcomed here at anytime. :)

  11. Si' Senorita...un mucho problemo...yea, I don't speak Spanish.
    I would have to agree with the city if it gets out of hand and certainly the cops if the noise is boomin at 2am...that kind of crap pisses me off, I don't care what race you are...turn the effing music down!!!