Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Blog's Outlook For The Future

I was doing some reflecting about my blog. And I am kinda sad that some of my more entertaining posts were not seen by many. There is some decent stuff in my archives that I cannot bear the thought of just sitting there collecting dust. So to celebrate my blogiversary I will be re posting an old post about once a week. That's the plan anyway. We'll see how it goes. I hope I do not lose anyone's interest. I will also add to the comment an  update on the situation. Maybe how I have grown from it. Or maybe nothing insightful at all just a comment.

So other than the redesigning that I just did, that's my big plan. I will also be adding a weekly thing called "Roc's Reflections". This will contain my random thoughts or more likely complaints. Maybe even just a thought or quote or memory,,,could be anything really. I think it will be fun, fun, fun!
Hope you all enjoy!


  1. I think reposting and updating is an excellent idea. Especially since I pulled a 3 month disappearing act and really need to catch up. ahem. Also, the page redesign looks great!

  2. Great idea, especailly for all of us new followers!!

  3. That is a good idea. It may bring in new readers also.

  4. Excellent idea for us the new followers :) I love your blog by the way, funny funny funny!

  5. God... she really is funny isn't she.

    The school lunch really got me going.

    What is it with women bloggers.... when it comes to reading for fun (just like you watch comedy central or something) Women just do it better in my opinion and experience.

    I am not all that surprised that they are so much better compared to myself, but just overwhelmingly, time and time again they are so much better at engaging their readers with everyday kinda topics and mishaps.

    Raquel is a prime example for sure.

    Another one is this british chick that goes by the blogess (freakin brilliant name as well) I would have been mad I was so envious of the way she wrote but I couldn't becuase I was luaghing and.... strangely I think I may have even been a bit turned on.

    Man I should really spend more time away from the computer.


    I am eager to see what Raquel is going to point our way... Should be a blast.

    - Finance Guy

    Oh Raquel I need to msg u right after this comment if you dont get anything it is cuz I forgot, (ADHD like you wouldn't believe) so just in case here is my email... financeblogger1 - g mail

    could be important.

  6. Great idea.
    I look forward to the archives.

    But complaints? You don't complain - We vent Raquel. :-)

  7. Good idea! Now I have a precedent I can cite for recycling some of my older (and, IMHO, still good) posts when I hit a creative roadblock. Thanks, da lady!

  8. I thought about the recycling thing myself. There are some of my old posts that even 'I' don't remember.

  9. That's a great idea! I can't wait to read some of the older stuff. :-)

  10. Well what lovely compliments you all have bestowed upon me. Especially The Finance Guy ;)
    I think recycling is a wonderful idea. Everyone should do it. I mean who among us had a host of followers from the start? So it's new to them and with the economy and all I wanna do my part to be thrifty. I'm glad everyone is on board with this. Damn I should have called it Roc's Recycled then I coulda patented the idea. Anyway apparently I have an email to go read so Peace Out and THANKS FOR READING!