Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I've Never! ......

Until approximately 10:30am Thursday December 9th  lost a follower. What happened? What did I do to deserve this desertion?  It was right after I posted about my daughter digging in her vagina..maybe that was it? I could see how that would turn someone off but hell it was true. A couple posts before that I got a comment from an anonymous follower that was a bit heated over the fact that I used the word "whitey" In a post??? Damn. you know I've said much worse. That person identified themselves as a follower of my blog. I kinda think I know who that commenter was and I don't think it was him/her but whatever.Now I've lost a dedicated follower. So that's two people that aren't smitten with me! Well damn. I would ask the dropped follower to tell me anonymously, of course, what I did but that is stalkerish, I know, so I won't. Anyways if they don't follow me anymore they probably have no idea that I am so perplexed at their absence.

I do not know why I am taking this so personally, I drop blogs all the time just because the content is no longer interesting to me, or they don't post very often, etc. and it is never personal but Ugggh I just cannot get over myself. So has this ever happened to you? Were you dropped? Did you know who it was? Did you take it personally? Am I a nutcase? (umm I would prefer you do not answer that last question)


  1. Pffffft. Don't worry about it. I don't worry about how many foloowers I have and I don't follow others.

    I no longer worry about how many comments I get either, I just focus on getting hits by writing whatever comes to mind in a manner that may be distasteful to some.

    If you think about your number of followers and comments you will begin to subconsciously allow those people dictate what and how you write.

    Don't let that happen. Cheers Roc!!

  2. Hell don't let that bug you. Remember when there were no followers? So they got bored, lost the use of their arms, or found vagina talk not to their liking it's there issue not yours.

    I agree with Matt-Man's last paragraph.
    I lost them when I wrote during the election.
    I lost several after my story of my mom's death!
    I lost one when I said I had to take some time off when I was sick. That one was a story in and of itself that I can't share on the blog but boy I'd love to.

    Try to think of it like this -
    Sometimes you outgrow friends or they become toxic and you have to cut ties. Maybe this is that type of situation and it was best that they left.

  3. You're eventually going to hit somebody's hot button. And it will be up to them whether or not to ignore that particular post and keep coming back. You can never keep every follower. I've lost several that left in a huff.

    And I remember someone complaining about hardly having any followers. Now she has twice as many as me.

  4. I lose followers all the time. Especially on Twitter. It doesn't bother me at all either. Oh sure, I got to Who Unfollowed Me site about 4 times day, but that's just out of curiosity, not because it bothers me. Nope. Not me. I don't take it personally at all.

  5. I follow your blog. I have followed for a while but it seems it was not in your following box. So problem solved your number is up again!

  6. i still love you, babes

  7. I am still here. Ef the person who will be missing out on your awesomeness.

  8. Mike and Matt are right. Eventually, you will piss off somebody and they'll quit reading. But someone else will find your blog and start. it all evens out. And you NEVER want to let anyone dictate what you're writing. If they don't like it, there are only about 200,000,000 more blogs out there to choose from. B.

  9. Lol. I never pay attention to the number of followers I have. For me it's all about the comments, and I never get as many comments as I'd like to, so... :(

  10. Body insertions can be a little off-putting.

  11. Thanks to all for your insight. I suppose I should not take it personal. After this post my number jumped twice so I'm over it. :)
    Jay- Really?? Really? I can tell how much you don't care. lol

  12. Hey Roc, I'm new at blogging and I enjoy your comments on my blog. I'm one of your newer followers I think and I like your stuff.

    I love that you are a strong mom that doesn't take crap from anyone. Stay strong and stay funny.