Friday, December 31, 2010

Roc's Reflections on 2010

So in the spirit of the year ending. I thought I would do some reflecting.

Happiest Memory This Year- Definitely this Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my BDay

Proudest Moment- When my son made the football team

New Interest- FOOTBALL!!! I'm addicted!

Leaving Behind- Hopefully some bad eatting habits

Most Annoying Person In My Life in 2010- Old coworker, and New Neighbor

Most Loved Person in 2010 (nonrelative)- My Bestie, Frazier

Scariest Moment in 2010- When I thought my son had been abducted

Saddest Moment in 2010- When the kid at my son's high school got killed by his own teacher.

Biggest Lesson Learned in 2010- Sometimes the people that annoy you the most are just what you need in your life

Who do you wish would Dissapear in 2010- RA's ex-  Can you say unstable?

A Memory That I'll Never Forget- My grandfathers passing and the trip to NJ for his funeral

Fashion Trend I hope stays in 2010- Skinny Jeans, they just don't work for me at 30ish like they did in middle school

What I Hope To Improve in 2011- Other than the usual answers, eatting habits, weight, etc. I really don't know but when I figure it out I'll let you know

So how bout you pick at least one of theses and let me know your answer.


  1. I'm all about the weight right now. I don't like skinny jeans either but I want to be skinny in my jeans!

    It's been great "meeting" you in 2010! :)

  2. "Sometimes the people that annoy you the most are just what you need in your life." Now that the Republicans have taken over and think they're God's gift to the nation, I should never run out of blogging material. Sigh. Happy New Year!

  3. I never looked good in skinny jeans.....

  4. Skinny jeans are for super models and the anorexic. Wait... those are the same thing.

  5. Biggest Lesson Learned in 2010- "Sometimes the people that annoy you the most are just what you need in your life"

    Roc this sounds like your neighbor is growing on you.

  6. I hope that Skinny Jeans, and the jegging both go far far away.

  7. I had to go and read your saddest moment post. Heart breaking!
    Wish you and your family all the best in 2011.
    PS I'm going to add "Most humiliatin" The time I flashed the lawn boy. Sigh

  8. I'm sort of stuck at the part where a kid at your son's school got killed by the teacher...I gotta go read that post.

  9. Happy New Year Hot Stuff. Cheers Roc!!

  10. To ALL- Funny everyone got stuck on skinny jeans lol

    Kelly- It was awesome meeting you too!

    Matt & Jay- Happy New Years Guys!

    Bilbo- Wasn't referring to the republicans but the silver lining is you WILL have lots to post about.

    Peg- You guessed it! As annoying as she is she is kinda growing on me,,,sorta like a hair on my chin but growing nonetheless.

    Sandra- yes, read it. It's truly sad.

    ModernMom- Is there a post about that flashing?

    Mike- Good comment, Makes the rounder ladies feel good.