Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roc's Reflections-Best Christmas Ever!

Enjoy, you never see these three all smiles!
Disclosure for any new readers: the joy contained in this post is not typical of Raquel's World. It is an unusual yet appreciated event to have some happy times to share so please enjoy it, maybe copy and paste it for memory because after this I'm back to bitching!

Our family had the BEST Christmas this year! 
Daddy having fun with the lil ones.

With 6 kids to do Christmas for and 3 families that must blend schedules together it can get tricky but we did it.On December 23rd after 3 visits to the doctor I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Duh really? This adventure will get a post all of its own. I loaded up on meds and took the day off. The teen boys were already with dad, so I called RA  (resident asshole although if he continues his good behavior we may have to revisit that nickname) Anyways I instructed him to pick up the littler kids. Instructed? You ask. Yes,  Because that's what I do. I instruct people. We had plans to go to Roanoke Rapids for Christmas Eve. Yahoo right? But his family was having a lil something, something. Instead I hopped up on some serious pain meds and slept Christmas eve almost away all alone at home. Don't be sad while I did miss the big par-tay I got rest like you would'nt believe. RA and the kids arrived home and the children and I made Christmas cookies then they went off to bed to await Santa's arrival. At midnight we went to our neighbors to fetch our gifts, they were stashed at her house. Yes this is the crazy neighbor but I'm figuring her out slowly but surely (future post). The festivities started at 530am and presents were unwrapped, breakfast was served, and games were played. I then napped from 1-3p then we started it all again when my boys arrived home with their dad, step mom and lil sis. More unwrapping and good times. Then we all, neighbor included, sat down for a wonderful Christmas dinner. The next day we awoke to 8 inches of snow. We never get that around NC so it was the star on top of our Christmas tree so to speak. We played out in the snow and had hot coco and leftovers! My stepson is also here for the holidays which is great his sister did not come she's doing the teenage thing but overall no drama, no disappointed kids, not to mention I racked up big damn time, and I got an extra snow day off from work. Couldn't be happier!


  1. Your holiday sounds awesome. Glad you finally got meds. Happy kids and behaved man = beautiful holiday.

  2. Sounds like a great holiday. Hope you have a wonderful New Years too!!

  3. AND you had the extra snow day to help get over that darn kidney infection. Glad you were able to get some good meds to help with that and glad that you got the snow and not me...

  4. What a happy post. Is this an imposter?

    So glad to hear of a great holiday at your home.
    The kids look great (as well as mom and dad)
    A snow day thrown in and extra time to rest and get better sure don't hurt either.

    Can't wait until you write about that crazy ass doctor who wouldn't give you meds for this infection. I kind of miss her. :-)

    Happy New Year Raquel - I hope 2011 is the best for you and your family!!

  5. Who are you and what did you do with Roc?

  6. Well I am glad to see you had a good Christmas. I hope you have more good days like this!

  7. I had a kidney infection last Christmas! No joke! I had to go in the ambulance to the ER b/c I was in so much pain. It was horrific and ended up that I had to had to have surgery to have half of my lady parts removed (the inner ones, not the girls.) b/c something had flipped and pretty much blown up and caused the kidney infection.

    Sure hope that's not what you've got!!!! (Although, having surgery and being in the hospital for 2 nights sans children and being waited on hand and foot w/ a morphine drip= heaven on earth!)

  8. Great Christmas! Glad you had such a great day babe.