Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love My Preschool

Whenever I am at work and I see my preschools number come across the caller ID I take a deep breath. They call only for two reasons. Reason #1- Kid is sick. Reason#2- Kid is hurt. So I was at work and the number came up. I took a deep breath and answered.. It was our director. She said "Hi we are taking the 5 year olds to Disney on Ice and have an extra ticket. we wondered if you'd let MalloryJane go?"
"When?" I asked
"Right now" she said
"For free?" I asked
"Yes" she said
"Hell Yeah!" I said, after all the preliminary questions of carseats, staff/kids ratio, times etc. 

I was so excited for her and so pleased that out of all the kids they have enrolled there they picked MJ to go. They really love her there. We are so lucky and fortunate for her to have this special day. It was scary having her travel on a van with a bunch of big kids and no mommy but I trust them and I know she had a blast. What a score!


  1. Oh so cool.
    Reward for dealing with sucky mommies at dance class!!!

    Karma baby.

  2. That's awesome! I bet she'll have a blast! See, there are still good people... somewhere!