Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful To Be Shocked

It went well.

I'm still in shock.
 No one was injured.
No one stormed out with the threat of "you'll never see me or my kids again!"
There was no trashing of anyone outside in the smoking area?? WTF??
The one time I counted on my family to give me some good material...nothing! Go figure?
Everyone looked nice, acted nice, and I am just still in shock. I am happy that we had this opportunity. Our kids had a blast and we took lots of pics and ate lots of food. There were lots of hugs, and helpfulness and compliments??? I am just still in shock. I am grateful and happy but in complete shock. There was one little issue that gets a post all on its own at some point but no need to ruin the good memory here. So sorry if I've let anyone down with my lead up to this juicy story but I have nothing???
And for that...


  1. Ahhhhhhh. As it should be. Cheers to ya Roc!!

  2. Yeehaw! I am glad you have no material to write.
    I find that if I limit these events to annual that makes things much much better! But that's my family :-)

    Like the new look here too Raquel.

  3. Is it possible that they all know about your blog and wanted to prove you wrong so bad, that they had to swallow their pride and be nice? Just a theory...

  4. Matt- Sweet huh?
    Peg- Thanks for the compliment
    Sundar- Funny, I thought that as well.

  5. That's great! I was totally looking for a good story, but I'd much rather you have a peaceful holiday :)

  6. Glad you had such a shocking Thanksgiving. You gotta tell us the story you're holding back, soon!

  7. I called all of your relatives and told them to be on their best behaviour. Looks like it worked.

  8. Sometimes nothing is the best thing that can happen.

    I am glad thanks giving was a hit for you guys and I am glad no one got hit! ha.

    - Finance Guy


    Thanks for contributing to my posts... I appreciate it.


    your new look and feel is NICE!!

    I like it.

    Warm... just like the holidays. (When they go right)

  9. How great is that?? Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! (And, I know...I've never seen a tree smoke before that one either. Odd, huh?)