Thursday, November 4, 2010

West Lake Are Cheaters...I Think

I guess my blog has turned into a football/annoying neighbor blog. My apologies but I must once again blog about my middle school football adventures.

So the game was at West Lake Middle. I knew nothing of this school prior to the day of the game. So I arrived in good spirits. When I arrived at the ticket table I was greeted by a snobby-nose-turned-up-bee-otch who was rude off the bat. I said "Hi" with an adoring smile. She simply replied "how many?" She was cold and abrupt as she sold me my tickets. When I asked where the bathrooms were located she replied rudely "In the building". Well Thanks biznitch, that was very helpful, and a great first impression of your hospitality.

Once we arrived on the field the first thing I noticed was the horrible accommodations..again. They had a lovely fenced in concrete high rise bleacher area that had maybe 20 total rows of seats or their parents. Pictured here.
 Then over tossed into a muddy area beside them we had one broke down set of bleachers for us. I then noticed that they had 2 coaches on the field just like us and everyone else we had played. But on the bleachers sat 4 more coaches all decked out in matching school uniforms. WTF!?
That seemed unfair. But I thought maybe the additional coaches were coaches of another sport there to lend support, or maybe they had kids on the team. As the game began these 4 extra coaches parked their asses smack in the center of our bleachers! Here they are
Yes, they scattered themselves throughout our one set of bleachers, virtually claiming them as their own. I thought that was odd since the remainder of their school was seated in the lovely first class section why would they wanna ride coach?

As the game began these four extras were screaming and directing the coach on the field. Telling him "Put 24 in! Take 53 out!" Play the 3rd play!" Strengthen your defense!" I immediately thought that was unfair. Because everything these extras were yelling, the coaches on the field did. So basically they had 6 set of eyes on the game to our 2. I say bullshit! The coaches on the bleachers would signal a timeout that the coach on the field would call and then the coaches on the field would meet the coaches on the bleachers at the gate and advise them? I couldn't figure this out.

So not only were these guys in our section cheering for us to lose but they had 6 advisers. I could not help but wonder if the guys on the bleachers were calling all the shots why they didn't have their asses on the field? Could it be because that would have been against the rules? There was this one coach that actually called players over during the game several times. He would yell out "55 come here!" Then he would meet 55 at the gate and advise him. WTF! The first time he did this I figured okay maybe that's his son. The second time I also thought the same but the 3rd time when he called a white player over (he was  black) I soon figured out these were not his kids. He was fucking coaching! Me , having caught the nosies from my neighbor decided to join in one of his meetings. When he called #56 over I came with.

The coach looked at me like I was nuts. He slid further down the gate away from me to discuss his secret strategy, I slid down with him. He grabbed the kid who was of monstrous size by the helmet and said  "You're big! You're strong! You're mean! Take those kids out! Hurt em if you have to! Lay them down!" The poor giant looked like he really did not want to do that but had no choice in the manner. Well that did it for me. I was livid!

Here is "Mister NFL Reject" headed out for another chat with one of the players which he did every 5 minutes.
I know football is a sport that incurs many injuries and it is rough. But I don't think the objective is to purposely injure a kid. I turned to him and said  "If my kid gets injured under your direction I'ma vandalize your car on my way outta here!"  I meant it too big asshole bully!- I didn't say the asshole bully part but nonetheless.That was the biggest threat I could launch because he was huge so threatening to kick his ass would've been a joke. The entire game they cheated. The clock would often continue to run after the whistle was blown on both teams but these extras would holler out "We lost 20 seconds add it back" and the clock keeper did. This happened about 5 times. It was odd though that when they ran the clock on us our time was not given back. Also at half time all 6 coaches met with then team. The other team also said "down, set, hut" causing our team to move and get penalized when they are supposed to say "down set hike."  Sneaky little snots they were. I mean come on, It's middle school and they played dirty. Anyhoo, they beat us pretty bad. We did not have may parents in attendance for some reason and the ones we did have were not very enthused or happy to be there. We made ourselves an easy target. At most games we have about 70 parents there cheering etc. Take a look at this time.

 They had been previously undefeated and honestly our guys were no match for their skill. They could have beat us fair and square but they chose the dirty route. I left so aggravated it was shameful. Our high school match up for the championship was a few days later and I could not get over myself so I attended that game just to see them lose. Our high school has only lost 1 game by 1 point we are beasts on the field. and we play clean. We won that game and the championship so I guess the score had been settled.

What I really wanna know from any school affiliated football pros, was all this stuff legal?
Uneven coaching numbers? Calling out BS plays to trick the other team? Crediting the clock for one team but not the other? Please tell me. Am I overreacting? Okay, don't tell me if I am overreacting, I already know I am. But really, is this crap legal?


  1. I don't mind football blogs at all!

    Additional coaches = Not cheating
    Telling kids to hurt other kids = immoral but probably not illegal
    Working the clock keeper = probably illegal except the clock keeper is supposed to police this.

  2. I can't answer any o fyour questions but I can surmise one thing with high confidence in its truthfullness. Those extra, screaming coaches?

    I bet they all have small dicks. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

  3. Man they are setting such bad examples for these kids...and tey are kids and still impressionalbe..makes me so darn mad!

    The immoral coach needs to be suspended! We are going through a tradgedy here, my BIL's best friend just DIED last week playing Football because he had taken a hard hit a couple of weeks earlier, concussion was bad but he was cleared to play. It was Sr. night, of course he wanted to play..he made a TD, took his helmet off screaming in pain that his head hurt, he collapsed and never recovered. this from a hit he took, viciouls hit he took two weeks earler. So tragic, these jr. high and HS coaches expect way to much out of these kids and they are paying the price.
    If I were you, I would turn him in, somehow, someway.

  4. Doc- Well that certainly helps, so thank you.

    Matt-Man- Good point, I'm sure they do have lil penises. That makes me feel better.

    Chandra- OMG Chandra, I am so sorry to hear that. That is so horribly sad. My condolences. The coaches are ridiculous and they do expect way too much. I'll see what I can do.

  5. I remember when sports used to be about having fun. Appears those days are long gone.

  6. It makes me sad that there are not more parents. :( Those coaches are making ME mad! On another note, thanks for your empathetic comment on my toilet paper post over at Scary Mommy's today!

    BTW, I am following you now. I have 2 boys. I could learn a lot from you, I'm sure!

  7. Candice- Actually, I don't care for the sports where no one wins or "everyone wins" that is a little unrealistic to me. But this is way oputta control.

    Kelley- We do usually have more parents there. I'm not sure what happened this time? This was the time we needed them. You are so welcome for the comment, it was a great post.
    Thanks for following!

  8. I know nothing about football, but completley get your frustration! Sounds like some pretty dirty playing to me. *shakes head