Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Guess who's famous?
Me! That's who. I have been dodging paparazzi all day and night and taking calls from the media and Oprah. Okay- now for real. What had happened was...

I was bored at work and decided to check out my stats and traffic sources. When I noticed that a traffic source was Well I went there and low and behold guess who was mentioned?

Me! Me! Me!
Such a pretty pic, I know but don't worry.. my soon to be riches will hook all this up!
The article was not about me, rather about another blogger...Nerdy Apple Bottom, which was referred to me by my online Bestie Peg. She doesn't know that we are besties yet but as soon as she finds out how famous I am, I'm sure she won't mind. She'll be the Nicole to my Paris. Anyhoo after my post Fuquay-Varina 90210 she commented that I should read the Apple Bottom blog, which I did and the post outraged me, as usual. So I commented all foulmouthed and righteously on it. Then Friday I was watching The View and I saw the pic that was on the Apple blog. I was all excited that the hot topic of the day was derived from that blog! Yeah fellow blogger! But then yesterday I followed the link to the digitaljournal page and there was an article about the same topic and the blogger and my comment was right there in the article! If you click it guess what? You end up here!

Here is a cut and paste just in case you were too lazy to click the link I so conveniently provided you.
One, Raquel – referring to her own blog, Raquel's World – wrote:
Okay – You should read my post from yesterday when I had to deal with a group of snotty moms. People should mind their own business. Hello idiots! Did you not just see all the recent suicides of KIDS that were ridiculed for being gay . . . at 13? Uggh. We wonder where the kids get it from. They get it from their damn busy body moms. The moms that have to throw shade on your kid so their kid can get some much needed attention.

So I am planning my big press release, my thank you speech. I am going on a diet to look good for my View and Oprah's interviews. I would suggest you follow me, I'm going big places you know.


  1. Well, Congrats. I can say that I knew you when you were a nobody...

  2. And taking me along right????
    Got some news for you.....

  3. That's pretty awesome!! Congrats!

  4. How cool is that? You ARE going places, girlfriend! See? It's good you don't follow my blog boundaries jazz. You wouldn't be on Oprah if you had! :)

  5. Hey! That's me behind that middle camera!

  6. That's awesome! Is it just a little weird that they don't tell you your being quoted though? I would want to know!!! Congrats on being famous! I'll get to tell everyone that I sort of not really knew you back when... ;)

  7. Yea, I knew I followed your blog for a reason! What ever you do...don't forget abuot us little bloggers :)

    (Personally I loved the topic to quote you on...hope one of those dern snotty moms reads it!! NOW who wears the big britches??) LOL!

  8. Could I get your autograph today?

  9. Karen- A nobody? :(

    Doc- Why, yes I am!

    Peg- Of course, you are my fav! And I seem to be growing fond of Rick now too since the email. Luv Ya!

    Carolyn- Thanks!

    Kelley- I'ma have to look into this blog you speak of. See ya over there.

    Mike- I knew it! I always wondered what you look like. You kind of remind me of that neighbor on "Tool Time" The one that is always hiding behing the fence, gas can, tree etc.

    Mama4Real- I thought that too. See if I hadn't have been bored I would have never known I was famous and when the paparazzi showed up I would have wondered what the hell they found out about me.

    Chandra- Never forget you guys. I hope them bitches read this too. You would think since they are home all day they will stumble on it at some point.

    Modern Mom- Me too!

    Sundar- Plz contact my fan club for that :)

  10. Congrats And actually, I think that picture is kinda cute. Ya look goofy in a good kinda way. Cheers Roc!!

  11. Thats some serious shizz right their :-D - go you for standing up to such a hideous pack of num sculls !! I wish i was on "The View" one day :-D GO YOU!!!!!

  12. Can I have your autograph now, before you're so famous I have to pay for it?

  13. It must have been that link I gave you... yeah that was it.