Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Need Your Help

When I started this blog,,11 months ago. I named it Beelieveit.

That would be because most of the time when I share what is happening in my life I get a lot of "I can't believe that." The funky spelling Beelieveit came from my creative side. Real damn creative right? I wanted it to be unique. You know like when parents name their kids Lana'.... pronounced La-Nay or Caren (Karen) that type of thing. I also was thinking way into the future and had thoughts of a bumblebee being my mascot to deliver to all my thousands of readers all the events that would make you all abuzz excitement for my next post. Here he is....
As you can see he is frustated and very aware of the time,,,,just like me!

Then I woke up from my fantasy world. I had 2 followers forEVER and I thought maybe I needed a new name for the blog...hence Raquel's World. Which is the most basic and over used title and I hate it. But once I made the change I noticed my url stayed the same and now didn't match my blog name. How confusing and annoying huh?

Well next month will be my one year blogaversery and since I now have increased my readers enough to make me feel important I plan on sprucing up the place a bit and finding a more appropriate name. However I worked so hard to get my 31 followers and I do not want to confuse anyone and risk losing one of them/you. So tech savvy people I have a question: Is there a way around the confusion?  More specifically is there any way to change my blog name and address and people can still find it?

Secondly now that 31 people know about my drama filled life I am taking suggestions for my blog name. I truly hate Raquel's World. I actually like Beelieve It better but neither hold a  special place in my heart. So suggestions anyone?.


  1. I don't think you can change the URL unless you start an entirely new blog. But I am far from tech savvy. As for the name. I shall grab some Rose and ruminate upon it. Cheers Sexy!!

  2. I didn't think you could change your URL unless you started over. But I'm not 100% sure of that. Not a techie.
    I have to be honest, I never noticed the name of your URL until last week. I put you in favorites long ago and only knew this as Raquels World.
    So I am a useless bimbo.

  3. Yeah, I am not sure how you can change the url but keep the same blog. As for blog names, one comes to mind 'Mundane Madness'.

  4. Roc of, just an initial thought. Cheers Roc!!

  5. If you do figure out how to change the url, link it to this page and tell all 31 of us so we can find you! I just noticed your original name today!

  6. I don't know about the tech stuff, but my url and blog name don't match either. It is not that uncommon. I spruce up every few months too. I can't wait to see the changes.

  7. You can't change your URL, sort of. But you can change the name of the blog. My URL had never matched blog name.

    There are people that get a new URL and have it linked back to the old URL. >

    And then they leave a post on the blog announcing the change. But since you already have your URL the way you want it, leave it alone and just change the name. To whatever Matt comes up with. (You're in big trouble.)

  8. I tried that too...and my URL is still the same as when I started although my blog name is different. can't say that I lost anyone from the change...but I certainly didn't gain anymore. I've given up on being famous. I'm settling for mediocre mom.(hey that's a good blog name for me!LOL!)

    I think beelievit is a great name~ your in my google reader so I'm pretty sure you'll pop up whether you change it or not...I will HUNT YOU DOWN otherwise! ;)

  9. Forget about making the URL match the name of your blog. Just be sure to specify the URL when you advertise. As for the name, I sort of like "beelieveit." "Raquel's Hive of Iniquity" keeps the bee theme and has a nice ring to it, too, but may not project quite the image you want...

  10. I like Raquel's World! I think it sounds great! If you like beelieveit better, switch it. We'll still be here. :)

  11. I like both, and how the blog has one name and the url another is not a problem.

    Also, Happy Blogoversary!

  12. If u got followers via raquels world then you are the proud owner or rather adminstraitor of Raquels Blog forever untill u change it and then you can count on people being confused.

    Why not just start another blog?

    You could do a really high quality post every month for the new one... You can use the theme u originally had in mind.

    Buy a real domain name.... and maybe use a wordpress platform instead.... Blue host is ur best bet for hosting and setup.

    dont mess with a good thing!

    - Finance Guy

  13. Well- after reading all the comments. It seems easier to remain Raquels World for now. I'll still do some rearranging a bit later. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and suggestions. Too bad I don't have a give-away for the all the great feedback I got.

    Young Finance Guy- Really broke it down for me and I liked your idea of another site but what I loved the most was the ending sentence!

    You guys all gave me some great ideas and cool names to consider. I will ponder on it all and see what happens.