Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving....Let The Drama Begin

Add a few more ladies, and this pic about sums us up. Gangstas, mixed in with Rednecks.
                                As you may or may not know I have been estranged from my family for several years. Here's the breakdown...

Mom- Psycho, alcoholic, drama queen. Our relationship was doomed from the start She always wanted a boy and had two girls already when I came along so she was over the whole girl thing. Then came her golden boy nine months after me so basically I was a forgotten, regretted child from the start. It didn't help that the world loved me. That made my mom  hate me even more. After many, many incidents of her uncaring, drama-filled episodes I decided it better to cut her out of my life for my own sanity. I sent pics to her once, she never responded. I have no regrets. I am much happier and mentally healthier without her toxicity in my life.We have spoken once in7or more years and have seen each other once at a funeral. A funeral you can read bout here and understand how crazy she is. At the funeral she proclaimed she would reignite our relationship once we returned to NC and even meet her beautiful granddaughter that she's never met despite living 15 minutes away. Once we returned we never heard from her again.

Brother- I was super close to him as we entered our adulthood together, we are only nine months apart. I LOVED my bro. Somehow though he made a few bad choices regarding women/children and turned into a complete ass. I found him demeaning to his children and a bastard to be around in general therefore our relationship became estranged a couple years ago. We still remained in touch until I confronted him about something he told my sisters and then he decided he didn't want to talk to me anymore. This relationship ending was sad for me but the brother I knew hadn't seemed to exist for quite some time so I was okay with the ending of our relationship. After our grandfathers death we started talking and are now on decent terms.

Sister #1- She reads my blog. No issues here.

 Sister #2- She and I have had a roller coaster relationship all our lives. She is the kind of sister you love when you love but hate when you hate. She can be your best friend. She is the favorite aunt for all the kids. We were mostly close most of my life but then about 5 years ago she took up with this loser and he told her a bunch of lies and she decided she wanted no more to do with me. It was very frustrating to have your sister pick a loser over you but what are you gonna do? Last Thanksgiving she reached out to me and I packed up my kids and went to see her. We had a blast together and I realized how much I missed her. Although I was not the one who called this particular relationship off, I hold a grudge like no one's business and although my sister who lives 20, minutes from me was on her death bed twice, I never reached out to her. Truthfully I was really hurt that she would believe her guy over me. I guess over time she has realized that he is a liar and is now ready to mend broken fences.

Never in history have all four siblings and mom been at peace all at the same time . It has always been DRAMA. Two sisters against one, me and my brother hating on them, the two more wealthy of the four against the poorer of the group etc. Over the years my mother has added to and even single handily stirred up the majority of the drama. Spreading gossip, or she would notice two sisters getting closer, feel left out and then throw a monkey wrench into the whole damned thing. Oh and she had a way of acting so innocent when it all blows up.

Anyturkey, we are all getting together for Thanksgiving this year. This will be the first time my mother has seen my children in 7 years and the first time she has ever seen my daughter. I cannot wait to show her how a mother should treat her daughter. This will be the first time I meet my niece. This will be the first time we will all be together kids and all since we were children despite the fact that we live all within a 25 mile radius of one another. Should be interesting eh?

Here's a couple tools I will be utilizing:

This should help us determine who to blame for what.

In case all else fails.


Stay tuned for the post Thanksgiving post. But if you absolutely want some dysfunction now click here for an excerpt from the funeral we all attended in April.


  1. It sounds like we will be able to give thanks if you are still at home and unindicted after Thanksgiving is over. Good luck.

  2. You make my family sound wonderful....and that takes a helluva lot!!!

    My wish for you is a peaceful holiday!

  3. I suggest wine. Lots and lots of wine. Good luck.

  4. Oh my. My family is so blessed! I love all my siblings. Never had a fight so strong that we couldn't mend fences before we parted for the day. Loved my parents and step-parents. Dearly love my twin sister, and my kids and grandkids. All the kids are coming home tomorrow,and everyone is so excited.

    As I was reading your story I was thinking that no one should bring a gun.

    Please be safe, respectful, and loving. Have a wonderful time with your family...and be thankful!

  5. I would just feed everyone until they fall asleep and then make a run for it. After all you can't talk with food in your mouth.

  6. I was reading about your brother and was expecting the paragraph to end with, "and then I killed him".

  7. Bilbo- Good Point.

    Peg- Thank you. I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving.

    Doc- Yes, the drama. But where would my blog be without it?

    Karen- It may take actual narcotics.

    Linda- The gun was just a joke. I am actually scared of guns. I am glad that you have such a wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving!

    ASM- Great Idea!

    Mike- Oh ye of little faith. I still have the actual day to get through so maybe I won't dissapoint.

  8. gotta love thanksgiving, huh? the more i read on blogs about how much everyone despises and dreads having their relatives over, i'm starting to think this whole holiday was probably a bad idea from the start. maybe we should cancel it...

  9. Oh my! Sweetie I wish you nothing but peace and Turkey this Thanksgiving. hugs!

  10. Wowzer! That is some Thanksgiving you have planned!

    Hope all is goes well and you and your family can spend some much needed time together..without all the drama!

    All else fails...eat ALOT of turkey, let the triptophan kick in and sleep the rest of the day away...that's what I do, hee hee! :)

  11. I will bring the alcohol....no wait that is mom lmao...I am parking my truck all the way at the other end of the block so when it is time to leave it is time to leave n no one has me blocked in lol. See you at the festivities....gonna make sure I bring the camcorder. Your sis that reads the blog :)

  12. well as long as you can be authentic with them and yourself, that's all you have power over.
    I'm glad (I'm glad, right?) that your sister reads your blog. Nice cover there on that one :)

  13. Yikes! I hope you got through your day okay! Drama drains me.... and I can't figure out why some people have to thrive on it, I don't get it. Nice to "meet" you!

  14. I hope all survived without insult or injury. Cheers Roc!!