Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Your Team Is Down..... and you have PMS

So another football game story.

We were up against a team that had lost every game prior. Should be easy to beat huh? Well we were doing quite well until 3rd quarter and then who-the-hell-knows what happened. It's was cold and rainy and quite frankly I was getting tired of attending all these games, getting home late, paying to get in just to watch our boys lose 3/4 of the time. The team we were up against was actually our size for once and they had no skills so we shoulda beat them. 4th quarter and the score was 8 to 18 their way and their ball. Seriously Bengals WTF? I was so irritated at our guys. They had been playing like ish for the past few games.

I always stay til the bitter end and cheer my ass off even when we are getting whopped by 30 points but it was the end of the season and I had had it. Our guys made more mistakes and dropped the ball so much that they should have been kicked off the field. My annoyances got to me and I decided why stand out here in the rain just to lose? We were down 10 pts and only 2 minutes remained on the clock (which equals 20 minutes in football time) I decided to roll out. The other moms were shocked that I was leaving. I explained that I was really tired of showing up to these games and watching us get stomped then rushing home late etc. etc. I complained and bitched as I left the field. I told the other parents good luck to them for wasting their time but I know when somethings hopeless and I was out. I posted on facebook my frustration about how our team sucked. I know, I know, Not the appropriate parent thing to do but hey I have my faults.

I arrived at my car with my other son and the crowd cheered. We had scored a touchdown. But I felt like In the famous words of Joy Behar "So what. Who cares?" 14 to 18 with 40 seconds on the clock. We would still lose. I drove away aggravated and disappointed. I battled traffic and wet roads to pick up my other kids when at 6:17 Marlon called. "Hey mom can you pick me up?"  "No," I said "You should be well rested from that sorry game you just played. Go on ahead and walk home." I know it sounds mean but I was PMS-ing and he walks to school anyways. "What are you talking about?" he said. "Marlon how could you guys let those kids beat you? They hadn't won one single game all year? They were not even bigger than you guys for once. You guys had that in the bag." blah, blah, bitch ,bitch, complain, complain. My thoughts wandered to the next interview with an idiot where I would be reminded that we were beat by the team with the worst record. He interrupted me and said "Mom,,,we won!"

"Whatever" I said not in the mood for his sarcasm. "I was there. You guys lost."  "Nope we won." he said. "The last 30 seconds we got an interception and made a touchdown which led to overtime and then we got another touchdown and won!"
"Swear to God." I demanded.
"I swear" he says "It was the best game ever! The crowd went wild and we played like maniacs there at the end. You would have been so proud!"

So in honor of the winners... I can finally put this picture up.  I didn't want to post a pic with the losing team, lol.

Marlon, Me & Jamison


  1. So sorry you missed the end of that exciting game:)
    PS Thanks so much for the mazing comment on my "Coming Out" post. I love that people are being so honest and true!

  2. I know, I know, Not the appropriate parent thing to do but hey I have my faults. - For soem reason this made me actually laugh out loud.. You are a hoot Raquel

  3. Oh no!! Totally sounds like something I would do...leave and then find out your team ended up winning (ahem, 2008 NCAA BB tournament...My KU Jayhawks were down by almost 10 pts with less then 2min to play in the championship game. Hubby and I were do discouraged that Memphis was BEATING us we turned the TV off Only to find out the next morning that we WON the blasted thing thanks to a last ditch 3pt shot by Mario Chalmers..oh the agony of NOT seeing that!)...BUT the good news is your team won and the boys were excited about it!!

  4. Congrats on the win, but boo for missing it.

  5. Maybe you should have gotten mad and left a few other games.

  6. This makes me sad. And glad. Glad they won but sad you missed it. Don't give up on them! :)

  7. Mike- I only want to address you because that's what several moms said to me, jokingly of course. So the next game when we were losing one of them said "hey maybe you should head on out so we have a chance at this." Good thing that was not a PMS game.

    Thanks Everyone else for the comments.