Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mothers day debate

I have 4 kids sometimes 6...long story. Anyhoo since I work with kids and have what sometimes feels like a zillion kids, every year I have this debate and wondered which side people would be on. My feeling is Mothers Day should be spent without the kids. For the love of god we have them 364 days a year so why is it special if we have them on the 365th day? Isn't it more special to not have them? I love my kids but a break from them I love too. If you really wanna thank me take the kids for the day. I find when you celebrate with them you are basically fulfilling your duties to them. Disciplining them, cooking for them etc. Even when the dad/husband says "its your day don't do anything" I find that doesn't mean that they will do it it just means: Relax, gather your strength.. let it all pile up until tomorrow then you can live a post-mothers day hell while you play catch up. My friends all think its wrong to wanna ditch the kids for mothers day but not me. However this year I found the perfect solution. Had breakfast and church with all the kids then they went with dad and I enjoyed the rest of my day alone......Cleaning,
So what do you think- is mothers day best celebrated with them or without them?


  1. LOL, I find it great that many Moms just want the day alone.

  2. First off...I think Mother's Day, like Father's Day, are Bullshit days. Every Day should be Mother's Day and Every Day should be Father's Day. Its amazing to me. Lets dedicate one day to think of you Mom and Dad so we can take you for granted the other 364 days a year.

    I agree with you. If you are the parent that always has the kids, then yes. You take off at the crack of dawn and leave them a note that you will see them tomorrow!