Monday, May 24, 2010

Beware of Facebook

A couple years back I was all into self improvement, and I decided to take a parenting class. I researched local classes in my community and found one that seemed perfect. It offered only a $25 fee and you got that money back if you successfully completed the class. The best part was in this class you brought your kids with you. Perfect for me. So I enrolled and was super excited to work on my weaknesses as a parent. My only concern was that there would be a lot of psycho parents there. You know the ones who give their kids choices on everything, and think everything they do or say is something to be cherished. I am not one of those. So I worried how I would fit in with this group.
When I showed up I was amazed to see several dads and more more interested in the fact that no one really looked like what I would call the psycho parents. The attitudes of many of the attendees was not very positive either which I thought was odd. I mean why would anyone pay and dedicate the time if they really wasn't feeling it? Well after a few classes I figured out that everyone there except me was court ordered to be there. Yikes!
Anyhoo...There was a crazy lady there that had way too many kids and way too much drama in their life. Today I got a friend request from her on facebook and she lives right around the corner from me apparently. NOOOOOOOO! I quickly recalled that during class she found out we were in the same town and wanted to get together with our kids. Let's just say I'd rather not. Eventually she gave up and went away but now she found me! I don't wanna be rude but I don't wanna be friends either. What should I do?


  1. Just ignore the request. Chances are she'll never know - and if she does, so what? You aren't obligated to say yes to every request!

  2. You can block her you know...On Facebook it will look like you have deleted your account. She will never find you.

  3. Did not know that...I knew I could block her but thought she'd see that and it would be uncomfortable. One of my friends friended her??? So if I block her will she still c me when I post things on mutual friends walls