Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I started blogging I thought it best to give myself a fake name and identity so that I could be free to say what I wanted. Had to be careful b/c I work with kids and have several of my own so I am always concerned of the image I bring forth. Then I noticed very few people do not have their photo up so I added mine and thought as long as the name didn't match the face no-one would know it was me. But I did not become the latest blogger sensation that I thought I would be so it was really quite irrelevant. Then I got on facebook and twitter and inadvertently added my info from there to here and guess what came with that? My real name! So Fuck it! If Evil Twins Wife can trash her neighbor and the neighbors kid and even post photos of them (
without repercussions then I'm safe. I'm gonna stay me and get rid of that ridiculous name Rhonda the Real. Welcome to Raquel's World!


  1. i've thought about actually posting on here as myself...but i just haven't taken that leap yet. i kinda like the anonymity

  2. You know, its refreshing to be able to blog in the open. Some of us are just not as fortunate because we have psycho people we deal with.

    So I say, good for you!

  3. I always say, "Just be true to yourself". And yet, I do blog anonymously. But not privately, so anyone can read it. I've been asked to be on the Board of Directors for our pool this summer, so if I see Miss Smarty Pants again, I'll have authority to put her in her place! LOL.

  4. The Miss Smarty Pants blog by ETW was hilarious and I loved the pics!

    RH Ducky-- since you are still hidden I will see what my experience is like having my real info out that and let you know if its safe lol

    Joker-Who is your psycho..maybe you could blog about them lol