Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Drama Continues

Her Side:
"Well...I was out walking my dog and I heard a noise behind the barn (located beside my house). I became frightened. There was heavy crashing sounds and the sound of metal. I was petrified. I immediately thought that your house was being robbed again. I took my dog back to my home and returned to see what was going on . As I was returning I saw a scary looking guy coming from behind your barn walking towards your back porch. I ran up to him and started yelling hey who are you? What are you doing here? Get the hell off this property now! The scary guy just ignored me and kept walking so I ran up to him and repeated my questions. I did not know who he was or if he was a killer. I wasn't sure if there were more people behind the barn. Before I realized it I had gotten right up in his face. I thought he may stab me or hurt me in some way. So I yelled at him some more. Finally the scary guy turned to me and said I am here to see Michael. I told him Michael was in school. He told me no he wasn't. He was in the house and had invited him over. I ran to your door and started pounding on the door yelling for Michael to come out. He ignored me. I kicked your door several times and continued yelling. Finally Michael came to the door. He opened the door a hair and said what so you want. I told him to get his ass out of that house, I asked him what were they doing? Was he robbing the place? I wasn't sure, But I thought maybe they were moving merchandise from your home to behind the barn for pick up. I continued yelling and cursing at Michael who just stared blankly at me. Finally he said to me Mrs. Judy I am sick. That's why I am home. I asked my friend to come over. That's why he is here. So I told him  you are not supposed to have anyone here. What the hell is wrong with you? He said to me well call my mom if you have a problem. Then he shut the door in my face leaving me alone out on your porch with the other scary guy who I was certain would harm me. I told him to get the hell off the property before I called the police. Roc, what the hell is going on in your home? What is going on with Michael? He is up to some thing you need to have him arrested or placed in a boot cap or something. I cannot believe he was so disrespectful to shut the door in my face! I do not feel safe. I wasn't sure if they would attack me or hurt me I was so scared." 
My Thoughts:
This story brings me much confusion. Why would she be scared of my son? Why was my son home and not at school? What was behind the barn? Who was the scary guy? Just then my son calls. I ask him what the hell is going on? He says to me "I came home and Mrs Judy came here and went crazy." I ask him who was at my house he says "no one now, but it was Brett." "Brett?" I asked. "No, not him, who was the scary guy?" "Brett" he says sounded defeated."What was Brett doing behind the barn?" "Hiding from Mrs Judy" he says. Uggghh "This is all too much I will be home in shortly and I will deal with you then." And I hung up greatly annoyed. When I arrive home I immediately begin yelling at him, because let's be honest, he was skipping school again.
His Side:
He had an accident in his pants....(A clear lie.) So he needed to come home and change. He was with Brett walking to school when it happened. So he headed home to shower and change and Brett was just gonna come with him. When he got to our street he told Brett to wait on the corner so he would not be seen by the neighbor. When he got home without an issue he called Brett and told him the coast was clear. Brett headed down the street just as Mrs. Judy was headed out to walk her dog. Brett called Micheal who instructed him to come the back way and hide behind the barn until Mrs. Judy went into her home. Which is what Brett did. However he must have rustled some leaves and unknowingly got Mrs. Judy's attention. So when she went  home to put the dog up he thought the coast was clear and was headed to my back door when wham! Mrs Judy appeared yelling, screaming and cursing at him. He tried to ignore her and not engage her but she followed him. Then he just told her the truth that Micheal had invited him over. But she continued to yell and scream at him. Then Michael says Mrs. Judy came to the door, she kicked the door twice. He wasn't even gonna open it but she kept banging and yelling. So eventually he came to the door. He opened it  and she began yelling at him. So much, so close that her spittle landed in his face and after the second time of spit landing in his face he told her to call me and shut the door. 
The Facts:
Obviously my son did not shit his pants. That was just an excuse to come home. They were obviously planning to skip and hang out in my house. I fully believe all the parts about my sons story of why Brett was behind the barn. My kids know that Mrs Judy conducts 24 hour surveillance. Aside from my son being wrong for skipping here's what I take issue with. The "scary kid" that Judy referred to is my sons best friend. 
A more true depiction of what the kid looks like
Her Description of The "Scary Guy"

                                                           He is over here lots. He has no weird piercings or tattoos or anything to make him look "scary." The kid wears yellow for god's sake. She knew him! So the part about the scary guy was unnecessary and embellished. I checked behind the barn. There was nothing back there. So the loud crashing and metal sounds...embellished. Her life being in danger...bullshit! My son nor any of his friends have ever been disrespectful to her or never been violent at all. No one threatened her!  She could not have been that scared of him. She approached them both! I appreciate her giving me the heads up when something fishy is going on at my home and I'm not home. I do not appreciate her going over there and trying to handle it herself when she realized it was my son. She should have simply called me and that's all. It is not her place to go confront my kid. That would be my job. And it is definitely not her place to yell at my child or threaten him or his friends. Especially after she just fucking misidentified him as a robber no more than a week ago! I did tell her that. And I was mad at her for a good while. I also punished my son for skipping and called his friend up and had a chat with him about what will happen if I catch him at my house again when I'm not home. But Jeez Louise these people are outta control. And I am super pissed that my neighbor made it seem like she was in danger when she was the aggressor. Ugggh 
Now you pick a side. Neighbor or son? They were both wrong but I just sorta feel the adult should be the adult. What do  you think?


  1. I think I would move.
    I hate this neighbor.
    Gee have I said that before?

  2. Once again I'm w/Margaret/Peggy/Peg/thePegster/Pegorama (sorry). I really don't like this lady. Really. I'm with him. Yes, he was wrong to be skipping (and dammit for the love of all the lies in the world, can't teenagers come up with better shit than...shit?). But, the minute I read "scary" and then "ran up to him" I knew she was full of it. But in all honesty, when I got to the "what is going on in your house" I could have slapped her, old lady or not. How dare she. Yes, he was home. Yes, he was skipping and yes, he had a friend doing the same. But come on, is everything going to be about her being hurt, robbed, stabbed by the crack dealers who must be using your house as a front?

  3. Your just going to have to tune out all the weird stuff that comes out of her mouth. OK the kid's home and he's got a friend over. End of story.

  4. Sounds like one of you will be moving soon. Hum, will it be you or the neighbor :o/

  5. She reminds me of 'Mrs. Shoemate.' She was the nosy neighbor in our neighborhood. No one liked her. As I got older, I think I realized she was just lonely, and didn't have anything to keep her busy. That was even before soap operas. Your neighbor ought to keep to herself. Your boy needs to stay in school!
    My nephew came to live with us when he was in 9th grade because he was ditching school. I told him, if he ever ditched, I'd go with him to his classes. He believed me, and I would have. As far as I know, he didn't ditch, and graduated with honors!

  6. I've always been a fan of neighbors being good neighbors and watching out for one another. I think that too often, people don't take a minute to get to know who they live next to and they are oblivious to what is out of the norm or not.

    The problem with this bat-shit crazy piece of work is that she is not being a good neighbor simply looking out for your family and home, she is looking for any excuse to to execute the drama plan. She kicked your door? WTF?

    I skipped school more than once. Sadly, I did not make it into an Ivy League school, but on the other hand, I've done alright.

    I vote the neighbor off the island.

  7. Peg- I do believe you have. :)

    Arnebya- My point exactly! EVERYTHING comes back to her being in danger or scared. Uggh And I also noted that she was scared but then ran up to him and started the confrontation.

    Mike- That is hard to do.

    Mamma- Not me! I cannot afford to move and I was here FIRST...8 years FIRST.

    Linda- I do realize she is lonely and trying to make herself useful but it's just too much.

    Dave- "bat-shit crazy piece of work" Hehehehehe...

  8. wow that is tough. I don't like kids skipping school either but wow your neighbors are nosy arn't they?