Thursday, September 8, 2011

Discrimination or Keeping it Real? PART 2

This is part two to the haircut story. Part one is essential to this so check it out here.

We are now an hour and a half into what should have been a 30 minute or less haircut. Esther and I have gone back and forth and I am hoping she now knows what to do. "It has been a while since I cut this angular of a bob" she tells me "so I'm going to have someone come help me." She turns to Melinda and says "she wants a more angular cut and I can't remember how to do that. Could you help me?" Melinda looks annoyed I'm sure is thinking look biaatch I have my own three clients I'm working on. It is now actually only just two. Melinda says "I need to wash the dye out of her hair and then I'll be right there". 
I sit and wait 10 more minutes and then Melinda comes over and looks at my head and asks "what exactly are you trying to do Esther?" Esther begins to explain and Melinda says "no, no you are going about it all wrong. You see you need to cut from  the front to the back." She takes the scissors from Esther and begins cutting my hair on the right side. "See how I do this? You see how I pull each piece back to the start point? You see Esther?" She explains in haircutter language just what she is doing so that Esther can get it. Now you try. She gives Esther the scissors back and Esther cuts a piece or two of hair. "Good Esther. You got it now? Just remember, front to back, front back. Whatever you do, do not cut back to front. That will give you an entirely different cut" Melinda walks off I glance at the side Melinda has cut in less than 4 minutes, it is perfect! Okay now Esther has it. Esther spins me to the wall again and starts cutting. She is muttering and mumbling and seems stressed. She calls Melinda back over to check her work out. Melinda comes over and yells "What did you do? Esther what the hell did you do? Does this side look like the side I did? How did you cut it. Did you do front to back like I told you to?"  "No" Says Esther with her head down like a scolded child. "I did back to front" she says ashamed. "What did I tell you Esther? I said don't do it that way! Now you have messed it up! There is no way to fix this, just give me the scissors while I try to fix this!" she yells and starts cutting angrily at my hair. I am in the middle of this and am quite uncomfortable. But hope that at least Melinda will fix what ever the hell Esther has done to my hair. Melinda walks off annoyed and leaves Esther to "tighten up the ends."

Esther says "I'm sorry I just couldn't do it." "It's okay" I tell her "Melinda seems to have fixed it." "Well still, I am sorry" she says again "I really am." I tell her not to worry about it it is fine. She says "I just get so nervous." "I understand" I tell her. Although I am pissed it has been over two hours and my hair is still not how I wanted it. I do not want to make her feel worse. She must be horribly embarrassed. Melinda did chastise her in front of everyone. But Melinda probably has to bail out Esther quite a bit and is sick of it. Anyway, Esther finally finished. The result? The side Melinda did is perfect. The other side?...not so much. But it's not horrible. But it still was better than the first style Esther gave me. I get to the front to pay and hand Esther a sympathy tip and she says "no I do not deserve it" and hands it back. I give it back and tell her "hey you tried." "No, I do not want this tip."she says. I did not even cut it right." "True, but you did spend a lot of time on it. And please give this to Melinda" I hand her an additional tip for Melinda. "She had to take time from her clients to help so she should get something." I explain. "I will  give her both tips" Esther says pathetically. I just no longer have the energy to deal with this "Esther" so out the door I go!  OMG what an event.

These pics suck but since you all asked for them here ya go! You can't really tell it's lopsided but trust me it is.

Old Hairdo
New Hairdo


  1. I think it looks cute Roc.
    I would have felt miserable sitting there while Esther got yelled at. Oh my God how uncomfortable...even though she @#$* up your hair she still has feelings and that would have made me squirm. Maybe Esther needs a new profession!

  2. I'm w/Margaret/Peggy/Peg (LOL that was fun). Even though she messed up (and you shoulda hightailed it outta there the minute you got uneasy about the result) she didn't deserve being talked down to like that; no one does.

  3. Old pic - new pic - You got a free tan!!!

  4. I like it!

    Poor Esther, she didn't deserve to be yelled at like that but perhaps it's time for a career change. It seems she knows her capabilities are limited.

  5. I don't know that much about hair styling, but I think the bob is one of the easier cuts out there. Only you, Raq!

  6. I would have thought like you, "Oh, well, she has a limp. That doesn't mean she can't do a simple cut." However, it is wrong that she was belittled in front of everyone in the salon. If I were you, I'd choose a different place next time - Melinda - while she may be good at hair - is not good with people and that I cannot tolerate.

  7. Oh whatever, it's super cute and you're one hot bitch!...can I say that here? Whatever, you so are. Nex time though, definitely get Melinda to cut your hair. However, I give Esther a lot of credit for owning up to her mistake. She should have taken the tip based on the fact that being humbled is hard work.

  8. I wouldn't go back there again, but if you do, insist on Melinda...even though she's a nasty person. It's hard to tell the real result from the pictures, but don't worry - You're beautiful enough that it won't matter.