Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Summer Wrap Up Poem With Pics

Summer started out with a real big smile.
We loaded up the kids for a trip to Wet N Wild.
Although they look crabby they really had fun. They were just tired from all of that sun.

The trip was to celebrate MJ's birthday! But in true Princess fashion we had to celebrate many, many ways!

Then a few days later came mommy's birthday.
The party was fun and the gifts were all great .....
..until some lil snotty nosed kid blew out the candles on my cake.
And boy was I pissed, just look at my face!

We got a Y membership and spent lots of time at the pool. Where my teens joined in senior aerobics because they are so cool.
Then we had a cookout just the kiddos and us. Hotdogs, burgers and even a cake. 
I got tipsy and rode the tractor around the neighborhood causing everyone to awake!
Oh and then there is the neighbor. Who is a part of my every day.
The only way I can get some peace from her would be to move away.
We decided to go out to the lake and jet ski with friends, that day was a blast the fun did never end!
Then to mundane things like checkups for the boys.
 They love when I take pics of then and post them on facebook for all to get joy!
Poor little Pooty got poison ivy ten times. 
He tried to hide it from me but this crossed the line!

MalloryJane's pet millipede sadly passed away
She still thinks he is sleeping, to this very day.

 We had family up for a cookout that was meant to be fun and light. 
Until too many drinks caused these two to get into a fight
But the biggest surprise of the summer was my ten year old son became a lady!
 And soon after that we discovered he was having a baby!
The older boys aquired a new hobby I dislike. They are adddicted to airsoft guns.
 They play then all day into the night.
The biggest event of the summer was probably when I got back together with my 12 year lover. All we did was fight for the last 4 years.
But now we are happy as larks as you can see here.
So as you can see our summer was full of all kinds of events and you know the deal.
 A day in Raquel's World can be such a bad trip. 
But an entire summer in Raquel's World, well that is the SHIT!


  1. Nice to see you back!
    Great looking summer Roc. Hope winter is as good to you.

  2. Love it! That's a good looking family you have there Roc and it looks like you had a wonderful summer.