Friday, November 4, 2011

Dealing With A Drunk, Sooo 2010.

I tried to avoid it. But as I am catching up on my blog reading I notice EVERYONE did a Halloween Post. So In the interest of following the crowd, I will too. I attended a party with my coworker/friend, her husband and David. We decided to dress as a theme together. First bet was the cast of the Jersey Shore but then decided to be gangstas and flappers from the 50's. Here is what they look like. Just so ya know.

Here is how we did it...

Whatcha Think? 
My job was having a kids party so I took the lil ones there and we headed over to the adult party. Last year David drove so he was not allowed to drink at all. This year I had a designated driver so he could drink. I made it clear to him that this party is my night. I mean if you've been following me you know that David has had his share of fun nights out over the past couple years. Me, I never go anywhere kid free. So this is my one time a year to let loose and have a few. Here is the problem. David also felt the need to let loose. He drank and drank and drank. Aftershock, Vodka, Tequila, Beer, Wine. everything! In the beginning we were both having a few drinks but then one of us, Ahem. decided to really have good time. He was on his best behavior at the party. But literally within 20 minutes of our exit it all went to hell in a handbasket. There was a drinking game at the party see..... 
Drinking games are  basically a way to binge drink. I played too but I cheated like hell. I  pretended to take shots. tehehehehe See we had to pick our kids up and although we did not have to drive, someone had to be of the conscience and sober mind to get them settled to bed. And once I saw party boy downing shot after shot, I sadly realized that someone would be me. Luckily he held it together at the party but soon as we left all that alcohol must have registered because David was SUPER ANNOYING! When you are sober nothing is worse than a drunk. Oh good lord he went from telling me that "I was not his mother" Which by the way, I pretty much am.... to telling me how much he loved me and appreciated me. It was 30 minutes of bitching about me to 30 minutes of praising me. He even felt the need to rehash his apologies for his behavior while we were separated. We had already put that baby to bed in July. I did not need the drunk verison. Uggh. And he would not shut up! Hour after hour. The worst part is he felt the need to be very close while he poured out his drunken heart. Like right up in my face close. So close the alcohol burned my eyes. Eventually he passed out. But the next day my bedroom reeked of alcohol. I  had to strip the linens, Febreeze the curtains etc. So I had an alright time but it would be nice to be the careless one sometime and not have to babysit him. Maybe next year. On the upside I got some great FB pics. But have you ever had to babysit a drunk? Oh god it is so annoying! I was supposed to be the one all toasty and shit but....


  1. I'm sorry, but I laughed throughout this entire post. There's nothing worse than a wordy drunk. Just close your eyes and enjoy the spin and pass out already, sheesh. I remember a drinking game years ago. I could tell everyone else was over into it, so I slowed down, and started pouring my shots onto the floor. By the end of the night there was a squishy puddle under my barstool but I didn't care. Somebody had to get us all home. I hate that it had to be me (but I'm sure I made up for it at some point).

    I hate when we both drink (at home) and realize uh oh, hope there's not an emergency b/c neither of us could even get the kids dressed at this point, let alone out/driven elsewhere. Maybe you'll be able to make Halloween 2012 yours!

  2. Well the only redeeming factor was he didn't puke. He didn't did he?!? That would have just put me over the edge!

    Just for the record I'm not doing a post-Halloween post. I was over it 10 minutes after it started!!!

  3. Agree with Lizbeth about the puking part! Hubby did that once in a car that wasn't even ours (it was the dealership he worked for at the time). I was pregnant so I didn't drink, so here I was was outside in the middle of the night, trying to clean the puke out of the dealerships car wondering if anyone will be able to smell the puke when they test drive it.
    Yea, I haven't let him live that one down yet and that was 25 years ago ;o)

  4. Yeah, given the combination of liquors he had that night, I am surprised he didn't get sick. Like, I am talking projective vomiting.

  5. Tha t man must have an iron-clad stomach if he did't throw up all over the place. I got nauseous just reading it.

    Yes, I had to babysit my drunk husband many a night through two pregnancies. He had 18 months worth of designated driver. The final straw was the night I had to take him to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. They pretty much treat you like shit if you're in for that and I was treated only slightly above shit as I sat there 6 months in my pajamas because I had to go pick his ass up. Geez, that was 9 years ago and there's still steam coming out of my ears thinking about it!

  6. well, at least you got some sexy pics out of it. excellent costumes! what a great, creative theme for a party. there's the big christmas blog party coming up soon...just sayin' ;)

  7. where the hell you been?
    must be some good stories.....