Thursday, October 20, 2011

War of the Neighbors Part 2....Calling It What It Is.

The Neighbor War started here in case you missed it.
Okay let's pick up on the story. The next day was Saturday...Party Day! I got up early and headed out to run some errands. Although completely irritated by the drama, I did feel bad for the neighbor (white lady) because she is an emotional wreck and I appear to be one of her two treasured friends. So I braced myself and gave her a call. I asked her how she was feeling and she said "oh I'm fine. I'm just keeping an eye on those people." She asked me if I planned on attending the "murderous festivities" next door. I simply said I was not invited. This is when she informs me that I was invited and apparently she was too. She tells me that an hour before the whole pig slaying event she was out walking her dog when she was approached by the Mexican woman next door. She said the woman approached her asked if she liked good food and the neighbor, hell we need to name her, so we'll call her Jane. Jane said yes I do and then the Mexican lady, we'll call her Judy, said "we are having a party to celebrate my baby's baptism and everyone is invited. Would you please consider coming by?" Then Jane tells me she responded by saying "if I can. And then I even reached out and shook her Mexican hand." That comment "Mexican hand" really pissed me off. Jane tells me that Judy left an invitation on my door which Jane removed once the fighting began because she knew "I would want no parts of their fiesta". Again I am getting more angry. She removed an invitation from my door?! That would be getting addressed very soon.
Since I was not home I ask Jane "are there many people there?" She said "oh its been up and down I have counted 11 different vehicles coming and going." I asked her "well is it loud?"  I was tryna gauge what I was in for when I got back to my home. She said yes. (I called David after and he said he heard nothing) She then tells me that she had placed a call to our property owner and he came over and the both of them, Jane and the property owner, stood on Jane's porch and glared at them to "send the message that they were being watched". Again this comment and behavior annoyed me.
She told me that the Mexicans came over and brought the property owner a plate and invited him also. He spit in the food and threw it away. Jane thought that was hilarious. I was outraged! My blood was boiling and I just did not know how much more I could stand without voicing my true thoughts. Torn between being cordial with the neighbors and not totally alienating Jane which would lead  to having to deal with another breakdown of hers I said "well if they send me a plate I'm definitely eating it." There was silence on her end and finally she asked "you are?"  "Well, yes I am" I say. Her voice turned venomous and she asked "so do you plan on attending this lil fiesta?" "You know I'd really like to stop by as a courtesy, my kids do play with their kids and I did see a bouncy house on their lawn when I left. Not to mention I love me some Mexican food." She then said "well You're better than me! I suppose you can just drop your morals and turn a blind eye to what's going on around here in the interest of good food!"
Trying to throw a bit of humor in it because I could feel it coming on I said "yup you know I'll do anything for food, hell I'd trade one of my kids for the right meal" I started to laugh. I notice she is not laughing. She says "well I'd be careful who I hang out with because  the first sign of noise or anything at all I'm calling the cops and unless you wanna be there when they get there I would not go." Is that a threat? Hmmm I say as I ponder that. I have no reason to be concerned about the presence of police.. Then comes the voice cracking on her end and shes says "oh Roc, if you go then they will think I am just some crazy lady down here starting stuff." Well ain't ya? Jane then begins to choke up as she says "I thought you were against what happened here." "I am" I explain, "but because I do not agree with a specific thing a person does doesn't mean I am better then them." "Well I for one have a moral fiber?" she retorts. Hmmmm sounded like she was saying I did not. Having enough now I responded with "I for one, am not a racist!" Jane  yells "I am not a racist!" "Oh but you are" I say. Just admit it!" "No I'm not!"she yells again. "Listen just be honest. I can accept you for who you are, but you need to be honest with who you are and you are a racist!" "I was invited to that party" she says angrily and as a matter of fact I even shook her Mexican hand!"  I paused wondering if she had any clue what she sounded like then said "case in point "her Mexican hand" Racist." "Okay okay maybe I am!" she yells. "I have had many experiences with non Americans and they have not been pleasant. Then she begins to explain that her parents were racists..shocker there right? But seriously at 50 you should have formed your own opinions. My mother was a racist too but I knew at 7 years old that was wrong and I was not one. She then says "my father fought in the war and to his death bed hated Germans and Koreans." I said "look I get that your generation can be that way but I am from a different time and my world is not that way. Neither do I want to be around it. You are entitled to your opinions and views but I do not share them and prefer to not deal with them." Just then I had another call beep in so I told her I would talk to her later and that was that. 


  1. Good for you Roc!
    I am so proud of you for standing up to her.

    I also disliked her comment of not American as though Americans are all so great. Idiot woman!

    She has morals? I call her a bigot and an ignorant woman. Those are not morals. Killing the pig to me was wrong but not in their culture. My parents allowed me to sip some wine as a kid. To those crazy Italians that was okay to others it would be a call to social services. It's all relative. However they are now living where that is wrong and they need to abide by those rules and customs. But to dislike them for it or their ethnicity is so wrong.

    I hope you do go. I hope the food is great and you can keep peace with everyone and still maintaine your beliefs.

  2. My mouth dropped open at he spit in the food. WTH is wrong with these people?

  3. 'non Americans'

    You need to remind her that her ancestors were non Americans.

  4. We need to invite your neighbor here to south central Texas! She'll get to shake the Mexican hands of our police officers, our doctors, our fireman, our military folks. Hopefully she won't mind that she might have to shake some redneck hands, some black hands, some German hands, Polish hands, all of which we like to think of as Texan hands.

    Poor woman. She is lucky to have you as a patient neighbor.

  5. You're a good woman Roc! You're neighbor is a freak though, I don't know how you stand it. The fact that your property manager did such a hateful thing absolutely incenses me. Where do these people come from?!

  6. Peg- I actually did not go. (post 3) In the Mexicans defense...If the police were not sure that is was worn how could they be?

    Arnebya- That hurt the most. Because that guy is a good ole southern guy that you would suspect may be racist but has never shown that side to me. His family adopted a little girl from Africa. SO I really am hurt by his behavior. I suspected it with her but not him. I have mixed children, Hispanic and black and he seems to adore them? I don't get it.

    Mike- She's just a crazy person. She doesn't even pay taxes how unamerican is that?

    Dave- Hell, if she used her brain she has dinner each week with blacks, mexicans and polish people. (my family) I guess we are okay since we supply her smokes and meals.

    MysteryChick- Thank you I try. The property person hurt me the most. :(

  7. This is like a soap opera! I am going to have to go to the post before it to get part one. It does sound like she is a racist. I think it's great that you said you'd eat the food and be cordial to your neighbors.