Monday, May 16, 2011

Brace Yourselves....I am not gonna Complain.

So as you all know life sucks, blah, blah, whine, whine etc. except for this weekend. Started on Friday when the RA gave me some unexpected but very much needed cash in the name of child support. We also agreed on a fair amount for him to give me weekly. It appears that he will be more financially beneficial away. Works for me. Because I could really use some help around there with bills. I was glad that we agreed on an amount and hope that he sticks to it. 
Saturday, I got some much needed rest and then went out for some evening fun, nothing too heavy just an opportunity to get out. It was storming but it was just one of those moments when you need to just get out. Slept pretty well that night. Then the best part was Sunday. Got up early (never do on a Sunday) and cooked breakfast with my kids. Then ex husband arrived to gather all the kids...even the ones that are not his...You Rock ex husband! Too bad you didn't rock before you became an ex. He knew I needed a break and he was very thoughtful to provide that. See the RA was due in town to spend time with his kids but sometimes he is not very reliable and I did not want to rely on him. 
Once the kiddos were off I headed  to the tanning salon and then came home showered and got all purty and stuff and went out. I had a whole 6 hours without kids. Yippee! The plan was when/if the RA showed up (he was due at 1:30p) he would just meet up with the ex-husband and get his kids. Around 1:30p I called my ex-husband and he had not heard from the RA my stomach turned and the stress and anger started to arise as I thought of the possibility of RA not showing up. By 1:40p I had heard from the RA, he had showed. Thank God! All was well and I could relax and enjoy my kid free day. I got treated out for the day and I so needed that. I felt relaxed and special and I couldn't be more appreciative. The best part was knowing that my kids were with their dads, not at home but out on the town as well. They needed that too.
I returned home around 5:30p and the first group of kids arrived home shortly after. They had already had dinner. Score! And their dad stayed another hour and a half playing basketball with them so even though they were home they were outta my hair. Then kid group number two showed up and to my delight hey had already had dinner too! And as an added bonus the RA brought me an Orange Julius.  He gave Princes her bath and put her to bed so essentially I had quite the much needed break and as you can tell by my sunny disposition it served me well. I even had dinner bought for me by the RA. Nice. Triple score day. Only complaint for The day was my three fav shows. Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor all had their season finales on at the same time. Uggh.
I worked it out though. I set two to record and watched the third. So all in all for once my friends there will be no complaining here. Don't worry stop back by tomorrow because I'm sure to have something by then you know how it is in Raquel's World.


  1. Lord, you're busy!!! Amazing how they become more useful as an ex...

  2. I'm glad you got a wonderful day to yourself!!!!! I'm jealous!

  3. Score this as a WIN!

  4. Oh wow, my jaw dropped when I was reading what the RA and the ex were doing: one is taking the RA's kids, the RA is bringing you food...the only thing my ex of 10 years gives me is pictures of his new botoxed wife so I can see what nice fake boobie she has! I am so so so glad you got a break Raquel, so badly needed, and so well deserved. I hope this reloaded you for a bit, anyway.

  5. I am glad you got a break, you really needed one. Now you just need to win the lottery and you will be all set.