Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gangsta Mommy Prevails Again

We have many rules in our home. And one of them is we do not trade things with people or let people borrow our stuff unless mom approves it first. Why you ask? Well, lets just say my kid borrows someone's IPhone and it gets damaged or lost. Who do you think will have to pay for that phone? I am suspecting since I am the only one with a job that would me And I do not appreciate being obligated to something in which I did not agree to.
So Thursday Mason has a 3D Nintendo DS. I ask where did that come from and he says oh my friend let me borrow it. I remind of of the rule and since he doesn't get in trouble much I decide not  to punish him but rather explain to him again why this is not okay. I'm no fool so I assume there has been an exchange of some sort. I inquire about that and Mason first tells me no, he just let me borrow it. I ain't buying it so I badger him a bit more before he admits that he "traded" his $70 Spywatch for the game for one night. I inform the dense lad that "No my friend you have just lost your Spywatch." Mason is instructed to return the boys property the very next day and the important part is do not give him his game until you have your watch in your hand.
Next day Mason comes home watch. I am furious but agreed to give e him until Monday. Monday no watch. I ask Mason "did you ask for it back, what did he say?" "Good thing you still have his game because I think you will never get your watch". I see immediately in his eyes that he does not have the game. 
I ask him "you do still have the DS right?" "Uh, no" he says. I go in on him. Because again you did not listen to me. "Oh mom" he says "the boy just forgot it in his car. He will give it back." "No fool, he will not. And why did you give him his game back when I told you not to?" "Well I didn't" he says "he took it."
Gasp "What? (insert expletives?@#%$%@@) "
Mason explains to me that the boy, who is older and bigger than him, told him to give him the DS back, when Mason said I will when I get my watch the boy just went into Mason book bag and took it out! Which confirmed my original theory that the boy had no intentions of returning it. Now I m pissed and I tell Mason I'm coming up there. I am infamous for getting all up in some kiddy drama when I feel like my kids are being wussies about it. Mason pleads with me not to do or say anything, he will get it he promises. "Mom I don't want you at school embarrassing me" he pleads. Like I care? I give him one more day to get his watch and then "Gangsta Mommy" is gonna have to make an appearance. In case you are not familiar with "Gangsta Mommy", she has avenged justice before you can read about it here.
Next day I arrive at the after school program where Mason is playing cards with some gangsta looking kid and I ask Mason "you got your watch?" "No" he says and looking horrified. "Why not" I ask? "Well he forgot it again" Mason replies. "Okay that's it. Where is he?" I ask. "Right here" he says and points to the dude he is playing cards with? Are you effing kidding me? This kid has basically ganked your stuff and you are playing with him? "Get up now" I tell him and he does, I sit down at the table. I can tell already this kid has attitude. Silly boy he knows not who he is messing with.
I say to him "Where is my son's watch?"
He looks disinterested and says "in my car".
"Really?, well weren't you supposed to give it back on Friday?" I ask.
"Yeah I keep forgetting" he says all the while refusing to look directly at me.
"Okay well why didn't you forget to get your DS back?" I ask
"Dunno" the boy answers. 
"Well You had no business going in my sons back pack and taking anything out. And honestly you ain't fooling me. I know you have no intentions of returning his watch. So let me explain something to you, Mason does not have a job therefore he could not have paid for that watch. I did. Which makes it mine. And you have my watch. And I want it." The lil shithead rolls his eyes at me. he ain't scared of me. "I'll tell you what, I bet your mamma doesn't even know you traded to begin with. And unless you want me to have a chat with your mamma I want my watch. Today."
Again.... disinterested.
"So when your mother arrives today I expect you to go get my watch and bring it in here and give it to the teacher." 
"If I remember" he says
"Oh you will remember. Do you need me to tie a string around your finger to help you out?" I ask him. He says nothing. "It better be here tomorrow when I arrive." 
He looks like he may be taking me serious now. He begins to scratch his head and says "uh actually, it's not in my car, its at home. Umm, I think it's at home. I may have lost it." He gives me this grin. "Well Shymeek unless you want to deal with me tomorrow, and trust me you don't. I look nice but I can be very mean I say as I give him my meanest face you better have my watch. Or I won't leave here until I speak with your mom. And if its not in her car I will call the police and you will go to jail." I am hoping he is not jaded enough that he still fears jail. Okay I know that's not very "gangsta", But I save my real gangsta moves for the older kids.
The next day I got my watch back. The teacher told me that when the boys mom came he told her he did not have it. See I knew that lil jerk wasn't gonna give it back. The teacher walked him out to the car and stood there while they searched and then found it, hidden under the seat. He told his mom that he did trade that Mason gave him the watch. I have taken the  watch away from Mason for an indefinite amount of time, Maybe I'Il wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas.


  1. Good for you! If Mason was ashamed of how it happened maybe it might make him pay attention to your rules net time...or at least you can hope it will!

  2. Now go all gangsta on the bitch at the YMCA.

  3. He traded the watch for being able to play the Ds for one day? That 'friend' must think your son is really stupid. I would point that out to Mason, several times.

  4. Crazy! Sounds like Mason's "friend" is a bully. The kid needs someone to kick his booty. Uh, not you obviously, but he needs to learn a lesson!

  5. The art of being street savvy is dead with kids today. My kids are the same way. Gullable and stricken with fear over confrontations. I give my kids two choices when this happens. Either figure out a way to deal with the issue as it is happening, or they will have to deal with me.

    They usually choose the former.....

  6. Good for you! If you aren't going to advocate for your kids, who will, right.

  7. PS: That other kid is an asshole.

  8. Can I hire you the next time I need a combat negotiator?