Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Mothers Day Jerks!!! Not Mother's Night.

So regular readers will know that I sent RA packing one week ago. Sticking with the theme of my life, which in case you don't know is "LIFE SUCKS" an avalanche of bad things came my way. My car broke down twice, my house was overrun with termites, twice, my cell phone broke, and after finally getting myself a new bed I discovered after 5 hours of trying to make it work,that it didn't fit. I spent my week muddling through one disaster after another. The plethora of it all was Mothers Day. Usually On Mothers Day I get showered with gifts, and tokens of kindness. I knew this Mothers Day would be a bit different because I was newly separated but I still had one ex husband and 4 kids to count on  right? Not to mention that the RA had spent a lot of time at my home that week helping me solve all the issues. So they all knew I was in serious need of some R & R.
The boys, all three of them, went to my ex husbands for the weekend. So it was just me and princess. I knew I would be a bit lonely and there is a coworker of mine that has invited me out several times and I always declined. So Friday night when she asked me if I wanted to do a girls day with her and her daughter for Mothers Day I happily accepted and began making plans. This coworker has a husband so I double checked to make sure they did not have plans. She told me he never does anything on Mother's Day. So we agreed to spend that day together just us and our lil girls.
Sunday morning I went on facebook and wished practically every mom I knew a great Mothers Day. And then enjoyed a quiet morning with princess all in anticipation for our girls luncheon. I picked out our prettiest dresses and ran our tub water. All morning I kept checking my phone for the barrage of texts, and voice mails, and faceboook posts wishing me a great Mothers Day...Nothing. Although a bit hurtful I decided not to let it get me down. I had plans, so no big deal. I sent a text to my luncheon date to confirm our time which was about an hour and a half away. She responded with this text 

"oh, I was wondering when you were gonna call. My husband surprised me this morning and he has made plans for us at 4pm"

Just so you know our luncheon time was 3pm. So I called her. I said to her "I don't understand are you canceling?" "No" she responded "I just have to be somewhere by 4pm." "Okay" I told her "how are we supposed to get seated, order, and eat, in under 30 minutes?" I was clearly annoyed. It would take me longer to get ready. She said it would be okay. I said "no, no thanks I would rather not drive 30 minutes out of my way to spend 20 rushed minutes at a restaurant,  just forget it." She could tell I was irritated so she tried to compromise. It was only 2pm she wondered if we could maybe meet closer to my home that way she would have more time. I agreed to that, but then I heard her confirming that with someone in the background. It was her husband! So I asked her is your husband coming? "Oh yes" she said. "Um, no, lets just cancel,  you enjoy your day with your family" I say. Why she wanted to know. Well it was supposed to be us girls only. "It's okay:" she said. "No, its really not". I said. "I just split from my guy after 12 years the last thing I wanted to do was have lunch with a happily married couple not to mention that my daughter would have to watch some other lil girl spending QT time with her daddy and surely that would remind her that her of her dad's absence." It was ll a lil too fresh. No thanks.

Let me say here that I am not hating on her. If my husband had showed up at 6am with gifts and plans for Mothers Day I would have blown her off too. But damn I would have called her before 30 minutes prior to our meeting time. That part I have to say made me pretty mad. No biggie I thought I'll just call one of my many other options to go out with. Well after calling several friends it appeared that everyone's husbands had stepped up to the plate and they were all having fun with their husbands and families. It was now 3pm. Then I thought if my sister who always has drama and has no man so I thought I would treat her and we would go out. Sure she would appreciate it I call her up. I say "hi is your Mothers Day sucking as much as mine?" "Yup" she says "well good then, wanna go to lunch, my treat?" "Oh I'm already going somewhere with Laura (our other sister)" she responds. "Oh" I say disappointed and waiting for them to invite me along. "Well I'll call you later" she says and hangs up. She didn't even say Happy Mothers Day. 

It's 3pm I have yet to receive a call or text from either of my boys or the dads. I am furious, fury quickly turns into pity as I sit in my rocking chair feeling alone and forgotten. I then decide I just wanna go to sleep. So princess and I put on a movie and cuddle up and that's where I stay until 6pm. At 6pm I get up. Still no messages. Okay I am no longer sad but greatly pissed off. How dare they? I cook, clean, do laundry everyday for these fools. I have financially, psychically and emotionally supported the RA all effing year and not even a call?#@!?@# Well fuck em all!

One of my friends called to check on me after her day of appreciation from her husband and she offered to go with me to dinner so we did . My boys did arrive home with gifts and they gave me a foot massage. But it was all a little too late. The day was ruined as far as I was concerned.


  1. I know you sai dyou were hating on your co-worker, but at least in this situation she was an uber-jerk. Sorry 'bout your day Roc. Happy Belated Mother's Day anyway. Cheers!!

  2. Sorry it was a yucky day. I don't like Mother's day at all. It brings up a ton of emotional baggage. I wished a Happy Mother's Day only to my 3 friends who were celebrating their first mother's day. My sister and I had brunch with grandma. It was nice, but low key.

    I have to say that your sons are old enough to know they should have called you or texted you in the morning. I am sorry you had a poopy day!

  3. I've been the recipient of the "last minute ditch" several times (by the same "friend" - I can usually call it before it even happens). And, it does suck BIG TIME. Sorry you had a rough day. {{{Hugs}}}

  4. happy mother's day, i'm just now realizing what a special day it is and should be

    *blog hug*

  5. Sorry you had a bad Mother's Day. Hopefully your week will improve from that.