Monday, May 23, 2011

The Crime Scene Pillow Case

If you are a regular around here then you will know that I am not the most appreciative person. If you need some proof, here are some examples:

And then a direct quote from my Mothers Day Post
 "My boys did arrive home with gifts and they gave me a foot massage. But it was all a little too late. The day was ruined as far as I was concerned."

I value my readers opinions and feedback and I took to heart all the advice given about example one. So when I received this.......  
Well let's just say you would think I had won the lottery.

 It is a pillowcase that is supposed top be tie-dyed. In case you cannot read it it says "Happy Mothers Day Love MalloryJane."

In typical Roc Fashion I have several complaints about it and I know I can share them here to spare my kids feelings. 

First off is it just me or does this pillowcase look like the pillowcase of a crime scene? Why browns and red? Why right in the center? It gives the appearance that I had been shot in the head while asleep in my bed. The middle is fresh red and the edges are the brown colored blood that has already dried. CREEPY.

Second issue--Check your calendar preschool...Mothers Day was Two weeks ago.

Third Issue- My daughters name is misspelled. There is no space in her name and if you have been her teacher for the past year shouldn't you know that?

MJ is excited for me to use the pillowcase but me? Not so much.I feel like it is foreshadowing. Like I'm gonna use it and then be victim to a crime.I  bleached it and it did fade out the murderous look but now it just looks like someone had an accident on it.

So tell me how do you get away with not using the crap you get from your kids or do you just be bigger person and wear/use it anyway?


  1. You do realize that your kids will eventually find and read everything you right. Oh, the years of therapy ahead!

    My dad wore Old Spice year after year because we gave it to him. I don't think he liked it.

  2. My son actually threw away his gift before he came home, he didn't like it. I usually wind up putting them in their memory boxes and saving them for later. Saves me the grief of having to use them!!!

  3. I like Lizbeth's idea. I've been losing macaroni necklaces and accidentally dropping ugly flower pots for years! (I have to agree, that pillowcase would give me nightmares).

    I was lucky this year though, my daughter liked her gift to me so much she kept it for herself. I say lucky because I had no freakin idea how I was going to lose or break the ugly, purple felt pillow she made.

  4. I would use it. Mainly because the only people who would be seeing it is me and hubby. I have a china cabinet full of pinch pots and colored mugs that the sons have made for me and I love it all. When people look into my cabinet and comment on the weird looking items, I just smile and tell them that those are move valiable to me than the waterford chrsytal beside it.

  5. Haha! Nothing says "love" like a blood-red pillowcase.

  6. Take it one step further. Dump some ketchup on your head in the morning and start hollering.

  7. I personally like Mike's idea.
    I know it was thoughtful but oh my goodness that's one scary ass pillow!

    tell her it's just too nice to use and put it in your memory box of things made by Malloryjane.

    don't have the boys take a picture of you asleep on it and put it on the net - the police may end up at your doorstep.

  8. Who tie-dyes a pillowcase? Gheesh. I guess it could have been worse. What if it was a wash cloth? Now that would have been a horrifying item that you couldn't even leave in your bathroom to PRETEND to use because then guests would thing you were a really dirty gross person. So maybe I have just convinced myself that a horrible item that is never seen outside of the privacy of your bedroom is probably...better than it could have been.

    Does that help at all? Hmmmm....