Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have been MIA...Miss me? 
Sure ya did. 
Please allow me to explain. Work picked up quite a bit for me, and I was given a marketing assignment with a deadline and since I hate marketing that took a lot of time but now I am back and hopefully I can stay back.
Just as I have neglected my blog apparently I have neglected my friends as well. I know that a while ago I posted about how I had very few friends and liked it that way. Well that changed. See, a new girl started on my job a couple months ago and really pursued being friends with me. She was so nice and so persistent that I decided what the hell? She is the type of person that stays out of her house ALL day into the night. She gets the kids out early and they do not return home until bedtime. Me,,,I love being at home but upon her insistence that I was "missing out on life" I decided to try her lifestyle out for a while. And just like her and with her I stayed going, going, going. Pretty much for an entire month. Every day. It was work then gym and then pool. Weekends were full of pool parties and barbecues. All fun stuff but meanwhile my home was neglected........
An accurate pic of what my home looked like while I tried living in the moment.

my kids never ate so much bbq and sandwich meat. We ran outta clean socks, the linens rarely got changed, I was way behind on my TV shows and my blogging and I was dead tired.
Finally I decided enough was enough and pulled back. No more hanging out til bedtime for me and my kids. No more pool 6 days a week, no more anything . I stopped cold turkey because seriously I was living someone else life. I am a scheduled-stay-at-homer. I enjoy life but do not have a "zest" for it. I have no desire to "make every minute count". That is just not me! I'm not an an adventurous type that lives in the moment. In my defense I work full time and have four kids. None of my friends have that load on them. But boy when I stopped hanging out it caused controversy. The friends I had been hanging out with took it personally and even after I explained that I just don't enjoy being out every night it did not seem to help. Add to that the fact that one of my dear friends from the past that had moved out of state returned and wanted to spend all her time with me in the middle of me taking my life back.
At least daily I would get 10 calls/texts from a group of 4 women wondering when I would have time to hang out? Or how come I'm not at the pool? Or when can we go walking? How about breakfast? After I declined every offer the unannounced visits to my home started . And boy let me tell ya I hate unannounced visitors to my home! Despise them! Would rather die than have someone bust by unannounced. If you call me and I don't answer either I'm busy or do not want to be bothered! Ugggghh!!!
I try so hard to be nice, but damn.
So anyhoo I have some stories for y'all about all these "friends " of mine and the complications but won't try to put them all here in this post. In addition to that I have been to the urologist and that too is a post :) And of course an update on David and kiddy stories so trust me I got the goods I just need to have time to post them. 
Just wanted people to know I was still around and ask does anyone else hate friends as much as me? Okay I don't hate them but does anyone else feel friendships are more a hassle then anything else? Or do I just have needy friends? Why do I feel like friends are another chore on my to do list? I have fun with them when I'm with them for the most part but it just never seems to be enough.  Or am I just damn mean?


  1. wow.
    wondered where you've been but it's summer and most people don't blog as much.

    I don't have friends like this. But if they are friends and not acquaintances then they should understand your need to not run around 24/7.
    Then again, I do get teased a bit because I am an early to bed gal - but @#$% 'em I also have to be up at 5am and they don't. But their teasing is all in good fun.

    And I agree Roc - I HATE UNANNOUNCED GUESTS AT MY DOOR!! Hey I may be running around my home without my bra so get lost!!

    Have a good, calm, slow weekend.

  2. Welcome back! And I can't stand that much time away and my house getting messy. I have one or two friends and that's about it. It's too much work. And be friends with someone who has no kids? Forget it! They just plain wear me out as they get to go home to a clean house. I have to go home do laundry, dishes, put kids to bed, clean toilets, etc. I don't have time for all that!!

    No, you're not alone in this!

  3. I knew you'd be back, we missed you!

    If they were really your friends they wouldn't give you grief over this.

    I live a busy life, single mom to two kids, work full-time, commute over an hour each way to and from work. My friends understand this and we make time once a month to get together and go out but I couldn't do it all the time and neither could they. Do these "friends" of your ever sleep or even have kids?

  4. I don't particularly care about unannounced guests because 'I never get any'! For some reason people don't just drop by our house. Never have.