Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Another Day to Complain About

It all started when I split my pants on the way  to work you can read bout that here if you'd like. Then at work my coworker who was supposed to be 15 minutes late was two hours and 15 minutes late, did not call and did not answer my many calls to her. So I was left to deal with all the lil pumpkins by myself. Which was fine except when I had to pee. My regular readers will know that is about every ten minutes or so.  I also had two autistic kids under my care and one of them who is normally fine decided he wanted something and I had no clue what it was. Since he could not communicate with me he decided to take his frustrations out  by kicking my ass, literally. I tried and tried to solve the mystery. I ran around the center trying everything I could think of but his many kicks to my shins and stamping on my foot and a few strong punches told me I was way off. I took my beat down like a woman and just  tried to calm him down which pissed him off worse. Eventually I let him be and he calmed down on his own. Now this would have been a bit more manageable had I had help but anyways...
I make it through the work day and I'm off to take Marlon in to get a cavity filled. Our appointment was 3pm. The plan was an hour at the dentist then that gave me an hour to pay bills/run errands before I had to pick up the littler kids. Well that plan was shot  to hell when at 4pm we were still waiting. They finally called Marlon back and I asked if I could leave him there and come back? Ghetto mom, I know. Seriously who leaves their kids at the dentist alone? I do that's who. I had ish to do and the dentist running late killed my time management plan. The receptionist said it would be fine if I left him as long as I was back when he was done. Although she was looking at me like "who the hell leaves their kids alone at the dentist?" She told em he would be done in an hour, then she said well maybe 30 minutes. I figured 45 minutes and headed off.
I went by my town hall to pay the water bill that is when I discovered I did not have the bill that had the account number which is required for the payment. I called my other son and had him read it to me. Problem as I had no pen. No pen. Not in my car, glove compartment, my purse, Nope no pen in sight. Frustrated at the waste of time I headed over to pick up some supplies that the boys needed for school. The store I stopped at did not carry binders? Uggh . I checked my watch 20 minutes to spare. I looked across the parking lot and saw the tanning salon. Hmmm I thought after the day I've had a 15 minute nap in the sun sounded great. Even if the son was electric. I raced over there and was excited that I finally had a piece of happy in my day. I enter the booth undressed slathered on my tanning lotion and hopped into the the bed. Ahhhh.
Then the phone rang, It was the dentist office, Shit! I answer and the lady says "your son has been waiting for 10 minutes already." "I'll be right there" I say, embarrassed. I jump out of the bed throw my clothes on and race over. The front desk staff are looking at me as If I've been somewhere smoking meth.
I hung my head in shame as my teen scolded me. "Mom where were you? I have been waiting ten minutes!  This is so embarrassing!" I pick up the other rascals and run a few errands then we head home. It's after 6pm and dinner must get started. That morning I had taken a bag of meat out of the freezer to thaw. Unsure of what the meat was at the time I figured I'd make do either way. Well friends that bag had thawed out and it was deer meat. I do not do deer meat! So now there was no dinner to cook. Awesome. I throw the deer meat out mad because I had asked David to always label the deer meat. We had frozen dinner in a bag, yum! The kids love it so it, was all well. And that will conclude my bitching about yesterday.


  1. OMG! He had to wait TEN WHOLE MINUTES!!!??? ;-)

  2. Your job is kids and your notjob is kids. Too much kids for me.

  3. Sounds like a great day! jk, hope today was better!

  4. Don't ya just love how you go to the Doctor or dentist and wait for ever to be seen but god forbid you make them wait a couple minutes to pick your kid up from their waiting room chair, and the kids are even worse. I would have finished tanning and then picked him up. ;-)

  5. Peg- No Thanks, kid's I can handle...Verizon has you by the balls so-to-speak

    Jay- Ten whole minutes!! Or has he pointed out 11.

    Mike- Me too. Trust me I'm exploring other options

    Mamma- Just a lil bit better

    Becky- I know, but I felt so ghetto. The "good moms" stayed with their kids. lol

  6. As Batman was fond of saying, "There are some days where you just can't get rid of a bomb!"