Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day in Raquel's World

I'll tell ya having boys pays off every now and again, Like Valentines day. Each boy gave me  beautiful earrings (real gold too) Jackpot! One of my boys even gave me a heart full of chocolates, a Nestle Crunch bar, and Hershey Bar. I got a long stemmed rose from my preschool, my neighbor made me a V-day cake, I treated myself to a haircut, and then to top it all off David really planned a lovely romantic evening. His plans were as follows: 

Dinner~He planned a lovely candle lite dinner for just the two of us. Peaceful, serene and yummy. The lovely and amazing dinner consisted of a ribeye steak, large shrimp, garlic red potatoes, fresh veggies, two kinds of bread, salad, and creamy chicken spinach pasta. 
Mixed drinks would be served.
Dessert~In which he would feed me. (note to David: I do not like to be fed)
He Bought all the fixings for ice cream sundaes: ice cream, whip cream, wet walnuts, cherries, hot fudge and hot caramel.  
Movie ~that I had wanted to see was on deck.
Massage~ David planned to give me a full body massage. Which of course would lead into a romantic interlude.  
Sounds good huh? Now for the reality of how it really went down in Raquel's World

Dinner was planned for 7p
Due to the incessant arguing of my kids and non-stop ringing of my phone that I had to answer and a drop in visit from the neighbor who was miserable because that's how she gets on holidays, we started at 845p. Almost 2 hours behind schedule. 
Princess had a party at school and was hopped up on cupcakes, cookies, candy etc. so bedtime was not happening. David brought in the dinner and we sat down to eat. Princess decided she would join us and David thought it was fine. So candle light was out and so was peace and serenity because princess talked nonstop from the first bite til the last. Just the type of dinner conversation one wants eh? The food was scrumptious so I let that slide. Mixed drinks were out because I was taking antibiotics and you cannot mix alcohol with them.
Now to the sundaes, David was supposed to prepare them and present them to me but he was busy trying to make princess go to bed so I had to make my own, I know, cry you a river right? Hey it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to. So moving onto the movie. I popped in the movie and the DVD player decided that I indeed did not need to watch a movie so it refused to work. I tried several times then gave up and watched 90210, romantic huh? Onto the massage. I laid down for my full body massage 20/20 was on. It was an interesting interview with Janet Jackson. About 2 minutes into the massage they were showing pics of Janet at her finest, in a bikini. Just what I wanted to see after downing all that food. It did not help that David commented several times on her sexy body. Not only was he transfixed on the TV the massage was crappy. I warned him to knock it off because that was inappropriate for the moment. He did not heed my warnings  and was dumb enough to then comment on how lucky her man must feel to have all that woman. Ewwww dude come on! Really? That did it. I told him to just get the hell off me. Let me clarify I do not mind him lusting after women or even watching porn but not during my damned Valentine's Day massage idiot!
So then I paid him back by telling him due to the UTI my vagina was out of order and there would be no romance tonight. He then suggested some alternatives. One in particular that was mainly for him. Umm nope! Its Valentines Day for gods sake! Not your damn birthday, Jeez! He then tried to cuddle with me which I do not care for. I had him give me a foot massage instead and off to bed we went.
All In all it was not a bad day. Pretty good actually. I got jewelry, chocolate, dinner, ice cream, a foot massage so I'm cool with it but I knew you all would like to hear all the Raquelish Details. How was your V-day!


  1. It was an above average Valentine's Day.

    Yours, not mine. ;-)

  2. Sorry but if my hubby was that insensitive by talking about another woman's body while in the mist of fore play, well lets just say, he'd be the one who wouldn't be able to finish the act, not me ;o)

  3. Sounds like you got enough chocolate to make you forget all the downer stuff.

  4. I went out drinking alone. Yes, seriously.

    Sure, my best friend manages the bar and one of my other closest friends was the bartender, but the fact remains that I went drinking alone on Valentines Day. Is there anything more pathetic?

  5. I made bacon and eggs so since bacon was involved, it was a good day. Cheers Roc!!