Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moving On.....Part 5

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As the months went by. Things went from bad to worse. David's kids were not being cared for and when they visited they would  tell stories that confirmed things were bad. We talked about it, I was horrified to go from 3 kids to 5  all  under the age of 4, but I cared for his kids and did not want to see them in danger. We offered Suzy to take the kids for a while until things got better. She refused. We debated about going to court but had neither the time nor money so David saved up some money and moved back home again to  secure a residence down there and get his kids.
Well apparently by that time the gparents had stepped in and David truthfully, was being unrealistic on how he was going to provide for them. The boyfriend and Suzy had split and supposedly Suzy was getting a better grasp on things. He stayed down there a couple months and then when things seemed back in order he returned. Life went on as usual and Suzy obtained yet another guy that she moved into her home. This one seemed to be decent, although he spoke no English. After a while Suzy and the new guy we'll call him Fabio got engaged. I noticed that Suzy and David's correspondence was picking up quite a bit. They seemed to talk more often and less about the kids. I wondered about that and truthfully did not like it but It was better than the discord that we had been dealing with previously. 
One evening I was going through our finances and came upon a receipt for Suzy's water bill. It had been paid by David. I checked the date and sure enough it was during a time I too needed him to assist with a bill. He did not have the money to pay the bill where we lived but he had paid Suzy's. Suzy was getting a lovely chunk of child support, government assistance, had a PT job and a man living with her that was working as well. I was livid. When I confronted him about it. I got the same ole same song and dance about how his kids lived there blah blah blah. I could not help but wonder if he'd forgotten we too had a son that lived with us? Not to mention my other kids. We stayed in a cold place about that water bill for quite some time. Then it was back to school time. My finances were short and I needed his help. He said he had to help Suzy get his kids school supplies! Although two of my children were not his I felt they should still have been a priority. It was clear they were not. When David headed off that weekend to take his kids shopping. I threw all his ish out and him too. I was done. Tired of being last place. I mean how long was this gonna go on? 
He decided that he would rent a place one town over from me. He did and I began a new life for myself. I had an awesome job and was quite happy being man-less.  A few months of being single and I had bought a new dryer and when it was being delivered I was pleased to find that the delivery guy was a guy I had crushed on in high school. He asked me out and I said yes. We began to date and it was wonderful.I had not "dated" in forever. It was so wonderful to be picked up and taken out an treated like a lady. He too had kids and had been divorced but I did not have to deal with any of that. It was so nice to spend time with a guy that seemed genuinely into me and did not spend the whole night talking about his kids or his ex wife. I truly enjoyed this time. David of course was trying to see me as well. He and I spent time together but life was so drama free without him. It was just wonderful! I had no man to clean up after, did not have to worry about weekend visitation schedules, or child support or baby mama drama. I was loving life. Amazingly I also realized I was an even better mother single. Without all the man aggravation I was happier and had more time for my kids. We all flourished in our new phase of life. 


  1. okay, all is on the right track why do I feel something ominous is coming?

  2. You forgot 'and we lived happily ever after' at the end of the story.

  3. God, you have had some really crazy losers in your life.

  4. Oh my I agree with Peg. I'm afraid of what happens next!

  5. I can't wait to hear what happens next.

  6. I am waiting to hear, "however...". Cheers Roc!!