Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Call...Part 2

I left that town in a blaze of Glory. I had my closure and was satisfied. Back in Raleigh life was back to normal. I assumed David and Suzy had patched things up and I just tried to forget all about him. About 2 months later I received a call at work. It was David's sister whom I'd never met. She informed me that she was calling on his behalf because he had been really sad about how things had ended with us. He wasn't sure if I would want to hear his voice so he had her call to ask if it was okay for him to call me later. I couldn't help myself so I said Yes. Later that night he called me and said he wanted a chance to explain. 
He told me that he had been struggling with the end of his marriage not just because it was over but because he had lost everything  his home, and his family. That Suzy would call him constantly when he was here and put the kids on the phone and they would be crying because they missed him. He told me how that just killed him. Suzy had offered him a chance to come home and work on things. And although he had started something with me he just couldn't pass up the opportunity to try once more for his children's sake. I understood that. Because I too had reunited with my ex-husband on more than one occasion because I felt that my boys needed their dad in the home. He said that he couldn't face me so he took the cowards way out and just left. He told me that after I showed up down there, once he saw me he couldn't stop thinking about me. That he had tried to move on but was torn. He said he was gonna stay living there in his hometown, not with Suzy but close enough that he see his kids daily and wanted to know if we could be friends and maybe even date long distance. We made plans to meet in two weeks. 
I arrived at the spot two weeks later not knowing what to expect. He showed up and immediately grabbed me and hugged me. He said that he had been going crazy wondering if I would come. We spent two days together and had the best time. It was explosive. There was sex but it was much more than that. We played board games, went out to eat, and he took me around to meet some of his family. When I went back home we decided to just take a "see where this goes approach". So for a couple months that's what we did. We spent several weekends with each other. Mostly in his hometown because I needed to see him in his element so I could really get to truly know him. Eventually he took me to dinner with his kids. They were 1 and 2 and they were adorable. They took to me well. Each time I would leave it would get harder and harder and the distance was also becoming difficult. I had two kids too and even though they were with their dad most weekends I had a full plate at home so I visited less and less but we talked more and more. 
I came for a visit one weekend and he said to me when I got there, I'm coming back to Raleigh with you. I laughed it off. He assured me he was serious. He had a place to stay up here and he wanted to be closer to me. I was hesitant and had lots of questions. What if Suzy decides she wants you back? How will you deal with the distance between you and your kids? Where will you stay? etc. He had all the right answers so he made the move. With him so close we could barely spend a day apart. I would go by his place after work but before I picked the kids up from daycare. Eventually I let him meet my kids and was amazed at how well they took to him. It wasn't long after that we decided he would move in. I could use the financial help and it would allow me to have him and be home all the time so that's just what we did. But it wasn't as pretty as it seemed.....


  1. Is it bad that I am sitting here like a therapist wanting to hear the rest of the story but our time is up? Can't wait for our next session!

  2. You should just get it over with and write a book. You might make a few bucks. I get the agent fee.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with making your blog button! :-) Sounds like you have a bit of drama - I hope that you can sort through it all and have a happy ending. I’m your newest follower!

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  4. Aww man how long do I have to wait for part 3 I need the rest of the story girl. You really could write a book.