Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Good Deed

Awhile ago my neighbor had gotten a DVD player and was super excited. One little problem though, she had no DVDs and no clue how to go about getting some. I explained to her how much things have evolved since the VHS/ Eight Track Era and how easy it was to  get DVDs these days. Oh you have Redbox, NetFlix, Blockbuster to name a few. She told me she had no idea how to utilize any of those options., I explained to her the procedures. She said it sounded overwhelming and then asked me if some day when I had some free time would I take her and help her get started. I said sure, because I never have free time so truthfully it was an empty promise.
This weekend I had free time. Lots of it. My conscience bothered me so knowing I had all that time to teach the neighbor yet had no real plans to do it. I thought I might as keep my word and take her out to rent movies.So I called her up and told her Princess and I were headed out to Blockbuster if she wanted to come with, I would be happy to help her. She was so excited. And I mean sooo excited.
I figured  Blockbuster would be the most noncommittal and less technical option so we headed on over. Once we entered the lil sensor thing beeped and she immediately jumped and said loudly "well I 'm here apparently".
She then stood there searching for her eyeglasses in her handbag for 5 minutes. Once she put them on she seemed truly amazed. Much like the kids that first visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. She was completely overwhelmed. I gave her a brief tour and offered her to either rent a movie on our card or I would go assist her with signing up for her own membership. She wanted to just "browse". And that she did. Princess and I headed over to the kiddy section so she could pick out a few videos and them I had my turn. Neighbor was still browsing, so I took Princess back to her section and we picked another movie. Still not ready, so I picked yet another movie. She was still not ready so Princess and I went to fetch candy and popcorn. I'm not sure how many of you have a 3 year old but 45 minutes in Blockbuster is waaaay too looong. So I had no choice but to tell the neighbor it was time to go. I offered to help her pick something but she said she would have to come back another day where she could have more time???? Okay whatever.

 I then took her over to MacDonald's to introduce her to the McFrappe that I blogged about here. She was tickled to death with it and loved it. We went to Arbys then back to my house where we had lunch together. Just she, me and Princess. It was fun and I actually enjoyed her company. So  for all my bitching about her I wanted to share the good for once.


  1. No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. You are good person. No matter what they say about you. :-)

  3. Days like this can be so great for BOTH of you.
    Sad confession: I don't know how to rent a red box or Netflix either. Sons do all the renting, sometimes I'll watch what they got many times I don't. I just don't have the attention span to watch movies any more :o(

  4. So sweet:) I can't imagine how overwhelmed she must have been!!! How old IS she?

  5. You did a good thing. I have to admit that unless I am going into blockbuster looking for something specific and it is there, that blockbuster is pretty overwhelming for me too.

    BTW: I hope whichever of my recipes you tried worked out well for you.