Friday, January 14, 2011

Roc's Reflections- His Name Is David

Since, I am certainly gonna blog about his bad. Let me just insert a lil good on his behalf. 
The RA has been wonderful since October. He has two weeks off at Christmas. He usually will split the time between us and his hometown (where his other kids live) But this year he spent one day there and the whole entire rest of the time with us. He took all the boys fishing, did tons of yard work, helped out our neighbor and spent some real quality time with the kids and me. 

He was then laid off for 10 days due to lack of work. (He is a utilities foreman). During that time he cleaned out my utility closet, my linen closet, redid my kitchen, rearranged my bedroom, hung new curtains,attended MJs dance class (first time) took the kids to the dentist (only done this one other time in 12 years). He has been loving, kind, considerate and I am so appreciative. He has been a great guy before, but straight 3 months is unheard of. Pray that he don't start slipping. We are all so happy and for the first time in years I feel like I have a partner that I can count on. I know, try not to vomit. I'll be back to bitching next week.
So for now we'll drop the RA and call him by his name. 


  1. YIPEE. David is so much better than RA.

    Happy for ya Roc!

  2. Missed something here, what does RA stand for? Rotten Apple? Rancid Alligator? Rapid Angel? Please fill in the missing part. Thanks!

  3. ...and we welcome David! Who knows..maybe it might just last...wouldn't that be refreshing! Hey, it's a new WILL happen!

  4. We'll take the good with the bad...even if the bad is more fun to read about! :)

  5. Ah! I've called my husband that many times. Well minus the resident, but I've called him asshole a few times within our marriage.

  6. Holy Cow...he did quite a bit. I hope Schmoop doesn't read this post. Cheers Roc!!