Monday, January 31, 2011

Suzy's Full of Ish........Part 4

This is part 4 
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Well of course, I took him back. I had been terribly missing him too. And was hopeful that missing me was a wake up call. And of course it was bliss for many months. The late night calls stopped and Suzy seemed happy with her man and life was decent. Then came the holidays and although I welcomed his kids to my home they had family events in their hometown and wanted dad there with them. I wanted him here with me and my kids so here we go again. He chose to be there and I spent most holidays alone. This continued for every major event all year, Christmas, Fourth of July, Birthdays, 3 day weekends, you name it. I began to feel like the mistress that never had her man on holidays. When we spoke about it, he felt that since he lived here he should spend holidays there. So began the feeling I got of being runner up, second best, last choice. etc. We continued on like this for a while. Every major holiday that arose brought on another fight. Until we split again, both agreeing that it was just too hard. But this time he didn't move to his hometown he stayed local. He rented a room and began his life as a single guy coming and going when he saw fit. Problem with this was that I felt like a fool, sitting around waiting for my turn for him to come see me. He seemed happy but I was miserable. But why wouldn't he be happy? He had and all the luxuries of a married man but none of the responsibilities. That got old quick so I gave him an ultimatum. Either come back home with me or this as we knew it would change. He chose to stay so I started to date other guys. I began to have fun all of my own. With my boys gone on weekends I started to date, and correspond with another ex of mine.
When David found out that two could play the game, he had a change of heart. Too bad. I continued on with dating. I added David to my dating pool, but was enjoying the drama free life for awhile. I have to interject here that during the early years of our relationship Suzy had barely any contact with David's family. Although she lived in walking distance they rarely saw her or the kids or heard from her. This will become important later. We continued on this way until I found out that I was pregnant. Although, I dated others I was only sleeping with David so we knew it was his. We sat down to have a talk about the situation and decided it would be best that he move back in and we try again. We did and it was okay. It was challenging but we made it work and on March 25, 2001 I gave birth to our son, Mason. After giving birth to Mason my health declined rapidly. I had a tooth infection, and stayed hopped on on prescription meds for weeks waiting to save enough money for a dentist. We were broke due to me not working and having a new little one to care for.
David took on the majority of the responsibility with Mason because I was in terrible pain the entire time and was unable to eat. That mixed with large amounts of prescription pain killers made me a cranky, shaking zombie. And in the middle of all this Suzy's man left her, or she him, who knows so the drama began again. 
The late night calls. The cries of desperation. She was even telling him that she was losing it mentally and had to be on medication. She threatened harm to the kids and began "cutting" herself.I was annoyed by this because most "cutters" do not tell people that they were cutting. Suzy did, so it appeared like some BS to me. I was so over Suzy by this time because when we would come to get the kids she was always decked out with the hair and nails but the kids looked like crap. On one particular visit we noticed the only thing in the fridge was beer. Suzy told David she had no money for food.We made arrangements to return in a few days to take her grocery shopping when we got paid. 
We show up the next weekend to take Suzy shopping although we were barely getting by. I was pissed because like I said she looked like a million dollars. Maybe the manicure could have went to groceries?
When we arrived that day to go shopping, (keep in mind we drove two hours to do that) there was a new man there. Immediately I was mad because I felt like can't that man buy your kids some damn food?  Suzy came  down all decked out of course and sat in the lap of her new man. She handed David a list. He asked what the list was for. She said groceries. He asked "aren't we taking you grocery shopping?" She said "no, I am going to lunch with "Sergio", I left a key under the mat so you can put the groceries up." I am fuming of course. So then I look at the list. Some items on there were Steak, toothbrushes, name brand shampoo, shrimp! What the hell! David and I got into the car and I went off. He was silent. It was my credit card we were putting the groceries on. I declared immediately "hell no would I be buying shrimp and steak and Pantene!" I at that point, wanted to buy nothing! Why not take the dining out money and feed your kids??  And what about all the depression? She didn't look depressed to me. And why can't the man banging her help out?? Where is your child support going to her nails? All questions I threw out at David who sat silently. He said to me "Roc, my kids have no food, we will shop for the kids, not her." I can't help what she does, I just know my kids need food in their home." But the thought of Suzy and Sergio eating on my dime when I already had three little mouths to feed was killing me. We rode in silent to the store and shopped. But I now was certain that this bitch was all about some bullshit. I wondered why David couldn't see it too?


  1. That would make me so agnry, too. How sad! I hate that the kids are involved. :(

  2. That's pretty rough. But, the worst part is when the kids get caught up in the middle of it.

  3. He bought groceries for his kids with your credit card while the mom was out lap dancing with a new guy? Oh there is something wrong with this...

  4. Oh honey I don't know how you managed not to slap her.

  5. Its women like her that give the decent women a bad name.