Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roc's Reflections- Denial can leave you exposed

Each morning I get 4 kids off in 4 directions and have to be to work by 7:50am. I open the facility and work alone most mornings so it is super important that I am there to do that prior to 8am. This morning I dropped off Mason and MJ at preschool hopped back into my van and..... rrriiiip? Naw, I thought, couldn't be. As I reached my hands down between my thighs I was alarmed to discover I had ripped my pants with my fat ass! Uggh!! 

As you can see this was no small tear.
No! This can't be I thought. I checked the time 7:37am. I have to be there in less than 15 minutes. Panic ensues. I call the owner, she lives cross the street and that is our emergency plan. This is an emergency right? She doesn't answer. No surprise there. I try her husband. He does not answer either. No way can I open a childcare center with my ass hanging out. So I run home grab some bigger pants quickly and jump back into my van. Rrriiiipp! Come on! Now my whole ass is hanging out. I race to the center and made it here by 8:01am. Not too bad huh? Problem is I must now get past my denial that I've gained a bit. I have to lose weight.


  1. This is a post for the positives of working from home.
    I'll trade ya verizon hell to ass hanging out at work....c'mon what do ya think?

  2. Give one of the kids a video camera and recreate this incident for posterior.

  3. Don'tcha know that this is what that stapler on your desk is for? I've seen many a teachers use it to repair the seat of their pants along with other parts of clothing. Seriously.

  4. Mamma- No that wouldn't work then I'd get stabbed in the rear with staples all day. Ouch!

    Mike- Ha! I never give me kids black mail ammo

    Peg- Uh, no thanks, I'll take ripped pants.

  5. :( Sorry. I *hate* it when my clothes get snug. And they do. They do.