Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Tryna Sit This One Out

I heard the whispers, I heard the coughs, I saw them....the sick they are everywhere. I kept my pumpkins homebound just to avoid this because I  hear it's really nasty. I pick up princess and half the kids have green snotty noses. Yuck!
She got it first. A few bed bound days, many a cough, tons of snot, a day of fever, and yesterday diarrhea. I kept my distance and put RA on the job. He after all has insurance and I do not. Day 5 of princesses sickness and Mason awoke with the seal-bark-cough. Moms will know this to be croup. He insisted on going to school, he only had the cough so I let him go he returned home and passed out and slept two days with a slight fever, now he too has snot, diarrhea and many other endearing symptoms.
Yesterday at work all the kids were sick, so of course I was a hand washing, sanitizing machine.

I DO NOT want this illness. I do not deserve it. Come on, haven't I had a bad enough time with my health lately? Cut me a break will ya? I am dodging sickness like a running back (I think that is the right position for this, I'm still learning football)
All the blogs are full of sick people, my friends and their kids are all sick, my sister's sick and they all say its just awful. I even saw it on the news that our area urgent care and emergency facilities are overrun with people with this snotty, diarrhea virus all looking for relief. They said this general virus can last 6 weeks. 6 weeks! I cannot be sick for 6 weeks! They also said don't waste your money going to a doctor because they cannot give you anything for this. It's a run-its-course kinda deal. So I'ma go hide under my desk with my Lysol spray and hand sanitizer for now...but I know Ima get it. I just know it.


  1. I think I heard about people having that bug around here awhile back. I haven't left the house since then so I'm not sure how it's going out there.

  2. My 4 yr old had it right before Chrstmas..with the puking included and now the husband has it...not sure who is worse when it comes to being sick my little one or my BIG one..ugh.

    YOu know I can handle all sorts of stuff but I draw the line at puking, gross!

  3. Stilling lingering here....did u go to the doc yesterday? get better treatment?

  4. Mike- good plan

    Chandra-In my house the bigger the body the bigger the baby

    Peg- Yes, kinda. A post is coming soon but I got more meds.

  5. Yeah I haven't completely recovered from my 10 day old cold yet. Such a drag...

  6. Hopefully you are so full of penicillian no bug, virus or not, will want to survive in your body.

  7. Oh yes LYSOL!! I wish you luck and send healthy vibes your way!

  8. Well good luck! I hope you avoid it like...ummm...the plague...

  9. Good luck with all of that shit. Cheers Roc!!