Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From A Crackhead To A Christian

Isn't she Darling!

The Real Ms. Winehouse!
So The RA and I attended a Halloween Party this weekend and here is who I was.....



That's Me!
 For those who don't know...This lovely lady is AMY WINEHOUSE. A very talented soulful  singer who became a hot mess.  She is best known for the song Rehab. Which I totally love! She is also known for becoming a crackhead and a public mess, which I also love! So when a friend of mine said I would make a great Amy Winehouse after I got past being a bit offended I thought it was a grand idea! So here I am. The RA is dressed as Jimmi Hendrix or Lenny Kravitz not sure which???

What made this costume so awesome was that I got to wear jeans, and when, if I got completely smashed....people would just think I was in character. Just check out ole Amy's party look...

That is bout what I looked like after several brews and Tequila shots! I am not a drinker so when I do...watch out!
The older party attendees thought I was Janis Joplin...

                             But for the bottle of the fun, not sure how they made that connection???

The younger folk...Well they thought I was Snooki from the Jersey Shore.....

This one I can Kinda get.

But the 30 something crowd knew who I was going for. The party was grand. I haven't been out in about ten years?? The RA was the designated driver and the par-tay was 7 minutes from my house. So Good Times, Good Times!

That was this past weekend. This coming weekend I will be attending a Fall Festival at a church with my kids and it will be their turn to party. I like to mix it up a bit eh? Drunk popstar one weekend, Christian mom the next. That's how I roll biznitches!


  1. That 2nd picture of Amy sure doesn't look anything like her though.

    And you look too good to be her.
    You needed to mess up your eye makeup, show your dirty feet and bra and mess up your teeth. Amy is one hot mess of a chick but the crack ho can sing!

    RA - looks more like Hendricks than Lenny!

  2. You should totally go to the church festival as Amy Winehouse. Stay in character all the way through Halloween. Kind of like Daniel Day Lewis does when he makes movies. haha ;-)

  3. You need to amputate both legs in order to get confused with Snooki!

  4. I think you've found a new look!

  5. Too funny! I don't think I've ever seen Snooki before, so I would totally get "Amy Winehouse". I love her, too!

  6. You're much hotter than Amy! RA was so into character, or his wig! Lol

  7. PEG- I did consider geting all nasty but I have my limits. lol And I totally agree "that crackho can sing"

    Jay- Gasp WWJD

    Candice- Or tan for 30 straight days

    Doc- Why thank you sir

    Mike- That look will be used for some future nighttime fun if you know what I mean. Men seem really turned on by trashy women.

    ETW- Not aware of Snooki??? WTF? Where have you been? Even Obama knew hwo Snooki was. She is also a HOT MESS.

    Wendy- Oh yes he was honey, He could barely get over himself.

  8. Amy Winehouse is one train wreck of a human being, but she surely can sing. I love "You Know That I'm No Good." As for your impersonation of the lady, go with Margaret's advice, plus get about 75 ugly tattoos.

  9. absolutely bril

    amy is my spirit mother, y'know...

  10. My friends are going as the cast of Jersey Shore. I can't wait to see all the costumes this weekend.

  11. Oh no, you definitely pulled off Amy much better than a Snooki. You're much to pretty to be portraying either, but if we must chose one, it's Amy. Even in your most inebriated state though, I'm not sure you could pull off the whole i'm-coming-off-my-crack-high-where's-my-pipe eye crossing. It takes a very special brand of crack addict to be able to perfect the "both eyes in the same socket" look.
    You looked great and it sounded like so much fun! I totally want to get dressed up this year and go and party, but my middle aged friends are all a bunch of lamos!

  12. Bilbo & Mike- You just gotta love Amy, Crackpipe and all. Hey she would fit in with my mexi-neighbors eh?

    Karen- Try to get a pic that would be cute

    Sandra- Aww thanks. I haven't been out really in about 9 years or so. So don't feel bad. I'm a lamo too.