Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday

So this is how my day started. My place of business is next to a bar. And in case you are unsure this is vomit, lots of it mixed with lemons and a straw. Right smack at the front entrance to my place. If this is any indicator of my day or week I'm screwed. Thank God I'm the boss and I can make someone else clean it up.


  1. how do you know it wasn't golfing man? He was probably at the bar decided to play a few holes and then headed back to the bar. stumbled out, got sick and voila played the back 9. :-)

  2. If you become the 'undercover boss' you'd have to clean it up! Did you see last night's episode where the boss had to clean poop out of the pool? Ewww......

  3. Wait until there's no one in the bar and leave it on their doorstep.