Monday, October 18, 2010

Hurry This Post Must Be Deleted in 48 Hours

 I have two more posts on the RA situation coming soon but we must take a break from that to address a more important issue. A time sensitive one. I have to bitch about someone while they are outta town and then erase this puppy like it never existed. :)

I made the mistake of sharing my blog with my coworker and now she's well aware of it. I have wanted to bitch about her on a few occasions but didn't want her to see it and get upset. She's one of those "touchy-feely people" that takes everything to heart. And I mean everything. She is not a dedicated follower but I know she checks on my blog every now and again. So my plan is to post this then delete it in 48 hours while she is outta town. I wanna keep the peace at work. Sneaky huh? That way her feelings get spared and I can vent.

Here goes. I am an even-keeled, could-care-less-what-you-think-about-me kinda gal. I can take criticism. Well, most of the time. I am sarcastic and a straight shooter. So I often say exactly whats on my mind. Its not much of an issue because people that know me know that that is just me in the raw. They know that I am a decent human being and I mean no harm. I am the friend that will tell you your hair looks like shit. So my good friends expect that from me and they give it right back to me. Whether its telling me I have mousy-brown hair, or I was just too short with that lady in the store, or I could use a break from the tanning bed etc. etc. And I take it all with a grain of salt.

In saying that, most of my friends are like me in that aspect. I do have a couple of friends that are the sensitive type but I have well trained them to not take me so seriously. Now back to the coworker, she is soooo sensitive. So much so that I have to walk on eggshells all day to keep her from getting upset. Any little thing upsets her. And I mean any-little-thing.

Here's some examples..
She asks me daily if I like her
One day she asked if I liked her new  hairstyle I said nope and she thought that was extremely rude? And was upset for the rest of the day.
But she asked me! And I didn't like it.
Another time I had to address a situation with her. It was no biggie at all. We were eating toast in the kitchen and I just said to her casually that next time blank happens it would be better to do blank.( I am her supervisor so I had to address the situation)
She went all sad and upset and took it very personally. She thought she was getting fired and said she felt very devalued. Honestly all I said was " hey, do me a favor the next time blank happens do blank" I even told her it was not a big deal but I wanted to address it before it became one. I spent the next hour trying to convince her that she was a valued part of our team and wasn't getting fired.

In addition to that she gets upset by my peaceful nature. I am often quiet at work because I'm blogging
I'm working. I do talk but am not a big fan of the chit-chat or small talk. And even at that rate Its difficult to talk to her because things just slip out and then bam she's offended.

The most annoying thing is she's either super cheery or super moody. When she is super cheery she expects me to be super cheery too. I am not a cheery person I am not an unhappy person I am just not one of these

About one hundred times each shift she will ask me over and over "why are you mad, whats wrong?"
I will tell her "Amy there is nothing wrong." And then she will say "why are you not happy?"
 I will say "But I am happy"
 "Well you do not look happy."
" Well sorry but I am. "
"No, you're not"
 "Yes, I am"
 And this will go on for ten minutes her telling me I'm not happy, me telling her that I am. Until it gets to the point that I am not happy and I am mad because I have spent 15 minutes explaining that I'm not mad. UGGGHH!!!!


  1. Tell her to get back to work and quit asking foolish questions!

  2. okay that is a twit by definition for sure.
    Jeez. Those type of questions are not appropriate for work. Do you like me? WTH is that?

    Hey I will never ever ask if you like my hair if I can't handle the answer. Why ask if you only want to hear yes?

  3. Low self-esteem on the part of a co-worker does not give license to said co-worker to whine. I'm with Linda. Tell her to get over herself and get to work.

  4. Damn, she woudl drive me bonkers.

  5. She is the poster-child of what is known as a pest.

  6. I am sensitive too, but I am not needy and insecure like this lady. I'd probably be sad if you said you didn't like my hair, but you'd never know that my feeling were hurt.

    Sorry you have to deal with this type of person at work.

  7. I'm glad everyone agrees that shei s nutso and I'm not mean. I should save this for her and use it to back up my arguement that she is needy and I'm NOT MEAN.

  8. I have one of those blank non emotion expressions and people are always saying 'SMILE'. I respond with 'I am'.

  9. Mike- Somehow I knew that about you.