Friday, October 22, 2010

Gotta Love The Power of Positive Thinking

I am a worst case scenario type of gal. No matter what is going on I can see doom just ahead. It's a gift I have, well actually it's a curse. I am this way because sadly it is usually as bad as I think it is or even worse. I get told "think positive" all the time and I find it so annoying. I would think positive if positive things were happening. And yes, I have read the books and even attended the seminars that teach you what you put into the universe is what you get back. Hence "throw out negativity and negativity you will endure."

This week I attended yet another riveting football game at my sons school. And no, I am actually not being sarcastic when I say riveting. I arrived on the field unsure of who our competitors were and when I arrived I was taken aback by the hugeness of the opponents. They towered over our kids and they were not slim either. They looked like the uncles and us, well we looked like the nephews. I immediately thought and posted on facebook that we were screwed. First quarter into the game and guess what? We were screwed. They had scored two touchdowns on us and we looked like shit. The worse part were these kids were BEASTS both in size and skill. They were knocking our players out right and left. Whenever they went in for tackle our kids would literally rise off the ground from the impact. It was BRUTAL. For once I was so glad my Pooty wasn't a main player. I was happy with his position in the fifth quarter. He would not have stood a chance against those kids.

Play after play after play I watched our kids take a psyhical beating by our opponents. It was hard to watch. I watched our little chicken shit guys seem to run from the opponents tackles. Our boys looked and acted scared and I cannot blame them. I was scared on the bleachers. Our guys made barely any attempts to tackle their players and when they tried they were quickly taken out by the other guys on the team.

 So shortly after half time our main payer took hit #432 and got injured. We were all upset by this. The poor boy was down, our best player. The football spectator in me was like "damn there goes our chances of winning", That was a sentiment shared by all on the bleachers. But the mom in me wanted to run out there and cuddle the boy and see if he was okay. He made it back on his feet and the crowd cheered. Ten minutes later BAMM! Down again, but this time he could not move. I was so upset by this. I began to verbalize my thoughts out loud.
This was me...
"Oh my god, he's down he's down!"
"Oh god hes not moving"
"He's hurt!"
"He is hurt bad."
"He's out."
"We're screwed."
"That looks serious."
"Oh my god he has to be carried off the field? WTF?"
"Oh god, oh god, oh no!"
"The season is done for us."
"The poor boy is probably injured for life" 
I had just watched a documentary about how young kids that play football can get injuries that screw them for life. So sure, I was a bit dramatic. This was my first time seeing a child take a beataing like that. Well except for the ones my kids get when they mouth off during my PMS time.
I mean I had watched him get knocked out like 5 times already.
Just then this lil ole lady on the front row turned around to me and said

"No! I will not let you speak these untruths. Don't be so negative. Trust and believe that the lord will heal this young man. If you continue to spew negativity you will throw this game! You must claim the victory in Jesus name!"

Gasp- Me?  My words threw the game! Shock! Nope. I think maybe it was the way the odds were stacked that cost us the game. She continued on with me telling me that "You will think and speak positively then she quoted several bible verses to back up her claim of the impact of my negative speaking.
Then all the black ladies behind me chimed in with the "Amens!" and "Praise God!"
I felt jacked up. Kinda like a hooker in church with a stanky vagina. So I hung my head in shame. She then told me "speak of the positive and you will see." "Yes maam" I said ashamed of my behavior, and showing the proper amount of respect for the elderly.
Then BAMM! Our #2 best player got hit and he was down. Down like four flat tires.
I said out loud "oh he's okay! He'll get up! We are gonna win this!" (The score at this point was like 30 to 8.) "You can do it Adam!" I shouted.
But Adam didn't. He was down and he too had to be lifted and carried off the field.

I just looked at the lady and smiled.
Gotta love the power of positive thinking!


  1. positive thinking and being a dumb ass are 2 different things. Jeez. Honestly positive thinking is good but for the love of those kids you can see the reality of the situation for heaven's sake!

    And for the record, I hate when people spew their religious mumbo jumbo at me as though that makes what they say right, justified or better than me. Keep your religion to yourself. Aargh you don't want to get me started Raq.

  2. I'm positive people like that drive me nuts.

  3. oh dear is it wrong to lol every once in awhile in here? i'm thinkin too much of the positive spew just...goes wrong sometimes, yes? love the post, well done lady!

  4. I wish I was a positive girl, but more often then not my glass is half empty. We could so be friends:) Hope everybody is ok!!

  5. You got scolded at a football game? A game where cussing, cursing, spitting, biting, tackling is encoraged and demanded...what is the world coming too? LOL!

    Hope everyone is :)