Friday, October 1, 2010

Final Chapter- Could Be Worms

So I awoke to breakfast in bed compliments the RA. Pancakes, bacon, cream of wheat, scrambled cheese eggs, warm pure maple syrup. Made me wonder if the doggy was out back. I ate my breakfast then went on a check to make sure the dog wasn't stashed somewhere. I also noticed since yesterday that my son and daughter were sick. No fever but my son stayed in bed most of the weekend and anyone with a 9 year old boy knows that that is a sure sign something ain't right. My daughter was also saying she didn't feel good. After sharing this with one of my girlfriends she told me that kids can catch worms from a dog and it can be very serious. So in typical Roc (me) fashion. I was certain my kids all had worms. I got online again because remember I am online doctor...

 and discovered that yes they could catch worms and it was serious. I got off the Internet and explained to RA that thanks to him the kids were all infested with worms and would probably die. Oh I went on and on and like usual he just tuned me out. I certainly did not feel that I should miss work because of his stupid ideas so I made my sickest son an appointment for Monday morning and told RA he would have to take him in.

For the remainder of the day RA was quite helpful. he cleaned, did laundry, cooked a lavish dinner of BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and some potatoeish dish that he created. he also baked a cake. I was hopeful that he was sorry about this crap and was trying to make it up. And to really push it, I hauled ass outta there. I decided since he is rarely around cooking and kid watching I would use the time to undue my stress and go tanning and shopping, which I did.

The next morning RA called me after my sons appointment and I braced myself for the bad news.
"How long does he have?" I asked.
"Until what?" said RA.
"You know, the end" I said.
 "Roc, the boy doesn't have worms."
 "Well then what does he have?"
 "a cold" he replied.
"Oh, well gotta go".


  1. I thought I had worms once, but it turned out to be a mild case of gonnorheah. I'm better now. Cheers Roc!!

  2. Eeeew Worms. Im glad it was a cold. LOL !

  3. I'm glad you kid is just lazy with a cold than with worms, and he will live.

    I had worms once when I was a kid. I could describe how much fun that was but it's disgusting.

  4. Hey two for one Friday! Your son DIDN'T have worms and YOU got an awesome dinner out of overall, minus the loss of sleep that dog did more good then bad...
    Perhaps you should bring this little debacle up every now and again that way RA will start feeling bad which would ulitmately lead to more laundry, cleaning and dinner! ;)

  5. What about your daughter? Still a chance for worms here!!!

  6. I hope the kids get to feeling better soon! Glad it's not worms. Yuck!

  7. ugh just the thought of worms make me cringe! many ailments in life boil down to just the simple cold ;-)

  8. Peg- See and here you thought I was being bulldozed. Never That!

    Matt-Man- Why does that not surprise me?

    Doc- Me too

    Charlene- did you get them from a dog?

    Chandra- No need to reuse this one. The RA is constantly giving me new material to choose from.

    Mike- true, but so far no signs.

    ETW- Me too and thanks!

    LA- You should research them, talk about cringing.

  9. ewww.. gross, glad things sorted themselves out.

    i remember once when we gave our cats worming tablets...lets just say that time, they had worms... :-Z