Monday, October 4, 2010

What's This Fool Up To?

So I'm at work and I work in a retail center that is shared with the likes of a Tavern and an Edward Jones center. Located beside us is a BP/Subway. We have a rather large parking lot and on the outer edge of the parking lot is a green grassy area. It is the future site of another retail site. Telling you all this so that you can grab a visual.

The front of our business is all glass and as I sit here and notice an oddity out the window. This guy....

Looks innocent enough right. But hold up. Check this out.

Can you tell what he's up to? It was hard to get the shot because my camera phone sucks and I was trying to be inconspicuous. Here's a hint. Check out the stance. Still not sure?

Okay one more. and I'll blow it up.
This fool is playing golf. In a shopping center parking lot!!

WTF! quite honestly he pulled up, took out a bag of clubs, chose one and went to town. Then after 15 minutes or so he switched clubs and played some more. I tried really hard to get close up pics of him because to me this was hilarious. But when he saw me checking him out he got in his car and left. I have my own ideas why he is playing golf in the shopping center parking lot. But just for fun why don't you all tell me his story. Why is this dude playing golf in the shopping center?


  1. Too funny! At first I thought he was peeing. Glad you blew up the picture and straightened me out.

  2. LOL. I thought he might be taking a leak too...

  3. Obviously dude can afford the gold clubs but shot his wod on the clubs and now can't afford to go to the driving!

  4. Maybe he is practicing to impress big wig business types at the country club. Since he is trying to impress them and does not know how to actually play golf...he found a grassy area to get ready for this up coming show off.

  5. He's practicing for free on nice new non divot grass.