Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote Blind or Not at All?

I was never one who gave a shit about elections. I just always was anti-government. Then I grew up, had kids and realized how important it is to vote. The first time I voted my peeps lost big time. That was also the year that the election totals were all fucked up and then the end result reeked of conspiracy. So it took awhile to rebuild my faith in the voting process.

When I first met Barack Obama on Oprah, before he was a candidate. I LOVED HIM! I thought he was so different and refreshing. So when he announced he was running I was all gung-ho. When he won I really felt my American pride soar! I joined all his websites and even donated money with my broke ass. At first the emails I would get from Barack were inspiring and informative. One made my day so much that I blogged about it here. They came about twice a week teaching me about the ins and outs of our government but then slowly but surely they turned into "Will you donate today?" Over and over asking for money and more money which I HATE. So truthfully where I used to get all motivated and excited about receiving the emails now the majority of them get deleted. Especially if they ask for money. Uggh I hate that!

If there is no "Donate Now" request I will read the contents. I am now rearing up to vote next week however I am so ill informed that it is almost wrong to vote. I usually just go democrat all the way because I disagree with the republicans so much., I also feel that for the most part the republicans are hateful, and judgemental and they never take responsibility for shit. Hello Republicans Your guys fucked us up so bad that the world is forever changed for the worse.    Duh!      But somehow this is Obamas fault? Serves as a prime example of why I feel the republicans don't take responsibility. Anyways, I listen to Rush Limbarf, and Hannity and republican radio just to keep myself fired up and because I also feel that it is important  to keep informed of what your enemies are up to. Each time I listen to them it reconfirms why I dislike that party so much. The tea bagger party people well they just seem like an up to date version of republicans to me. So I am much informed of how much I disagree with republicans but if I am honest with myself I do not know much about my democratic candidates.
I couldn't even tell you who was running. *head hung low in shame*

In this case I usually enter the polling place, vote straight democrat and call it a day. But for some reason I feel this time that is not the responsible thing to do. I know nothing about these guys. Yes, I know there are ways to learn about them but I really do not have the time or truthfully the desire to get to know all their platforms. I mean can we really believe any of them anyways?

So I am left with the dilemma do I vote ill informed or not at all? I mean I know that I do not agree with the republicans but I'm not informed enough to know if I agree with my own party this time? So what is worse.... voting ill informed or not at all?


  1. You are suffering from the same disgust and burnout that all thinking voters are. But you are THINKING, which already puts you ahead of most of the shouting, opinionated losers out there. Between now and Tuesday, you just need to read everything you can, listen to what everyone is saying, and make up your own mind as best you can. Good luck!

  2. I pride myself of being bi-partisan..I will vote for whomever has the best ideas and yes lately it has been Democratic for sure. Former President Bush left President Obama with such a mess to clean up...I'm not surprised 'the people' are getting upset...hell, I don't know why anyone would have wanted to become President after Bush's debacle. It's a loose, loose situation.

    All I know is that I cannot wait for the slanderous commercials to END..I get so tired of them ::sighs::

  3. If you will recall, President Bush had a Democratic congress and Congress is the one who passes all of the measures that most of us hate. These past 2 years, we've had a Democratic President as well as a Democratic congress, and they haven't fixed any of the problems from the past. They just keep passing bills that the majority of Americans don't want. i.e. the healthcare bill. There are so many things wrong with it. I admit, I don't know what the answers are, but it isn't the gov't's job to provide healthcare. Their job is to follow our constitution.

    As for voting a straight party line, uh-uh. I'm not voting for any incumbent. We need to get a whole new group in, and have term limits rather than a 'career' for them.

  4. Don't forget to go online and print out your sample ballot so there's no surprises in the voting booth. Missouri is voting on retaining or not all the local circuit judges and no one ever talks about them.

  5. I agree with you in principle that one ought to be informed before voting. I think you can find enough time to 'get up to speed' between now and Tuesday. But most importantly, think about this - because of democrats not voting (because of feeling ill-informed), the republicans could win both the house and the senate! Did you hear? BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE!!! You are not going to let that happen, right?

  6. We had a false flag w/9-11. Bush and his douchebags f-d us up forever. The world actually.

    The right and the tea party numbnuts are all ill informed do you think it will stop them from voting?

  7. Okay after Reading all the comments you people have inspired me to vote!!! Irregardless of my knowledge! Especially Sunda & Peg who seem like fellow Bush haters! I WILL VOTE!!!
    Ill informed or not. I guess I probably know as much as anyone else. Thank you Blogger friends!

  8. The most important thing is to vote.

    A facsimile of the ballot we will see Tuesday was published in the local paper today. I think that's a great thing I. I went through the candidates and will vote straight Democrat. The judge seats are non-partisan so I had to review those. I work at my precinct as a poll worker so I'll have time to vote when we're slow.

    That's something I cannot recommend enough. Poll are valuable to the election process and you do get paid.

    As to our President Barack Obama, when I hear something that might grate on my nerves [which is not often with him] I remember how I could hardly listen to GW talk and what he did didn't seem to get on the nerves of those who are shouting about Mr. Obama. Why is that?

  9. Disturbing ...

    First of all, voting all Democrat (or all Republican) because you hate what you know of the other party is assinine ... and a HUGE issue in this country. What would you do if there was no D nor R next to the name? Then you'd HAVE to be truly informed, wouldn't you?

    I think an uninformed vote, or a vote along party lines because you hate the other party is irresponsible voting. PERIOD!

    I would also suggest you listen to the more moderate conservatives. MSNBC has a GREAT show on every weekday morning called "Morning Joe". They discuss (primarily) politics and truly give a balanced presentation of the discussion.

    Listening to Rush and Hannity gives you a clear view of the fringe and nothing else. It also gives you yet another reason to CLOSE your mind by pretending these two are a good representation of the Republican party.

    *shakes head*

    And we wonder why this country is so fucked up ...

  10. I love listening to Boortz, Limbaugh, Hannity and the other right wing nuts. It's the funniest shit on radio and TV...especially Glenn "Straight-Jacket" Beck.

    I would never presume to tell someone to vote or not, but I will say I think all eligible citizens should. But whatever you feel comfortable with. Cheers Roc!!

  11. Charlene- That is great and I wonder if our paper offers such an idea. I'll have to search around.

    Dana- Oh Dana, It appears you may have linked the country being fucked up to people like me and my voting style. I SERIOUSLY doubt that. I do not think that Rush or Hannity are a close representation of the republican party as noted in my post I have my own opinions about that party. I have seen their ads and watched them speak and do not agree with them most of the time period. I was merely using them as an example since they are some of the most public figures that the party backs.

    Matt-Man- Seems like we get our kicks from the same foolishness.