Thursday, October 21, 2010


Remember Marlon? My middle school son. In my meet the fam post, here, I introduced you all to my lovely kids. Marlon was the one who gives me no trouble and has the ladies on his jock but he could care less. Well he made the football team a few months ago and what comes with that? Lovely Obsessed Girls! I have some pretty cute kids and am familiar with the teenage boy obsessed girl but my Marlon never seemed phased by the ladies. Michael, the oldest, whole other story. This boy was aware of girls and their likings of him since oh about 2nd grade. But my Marlon could have always cared less. The girls have always liked him but it meant nothing to him. Here lately he has been coming home with girls names and numbers and hearts drawn all over his arms, pants, notebooks, book bags etc.

I guess this is the way middle school girls mark their territory. But again he seems none to impressed. Never calls any girls or even speaks of them unlike my other soon who is the opposite. Yesterday while conducting my monthly search in his room for evidence of sexual activity or drug use tidying up the room I happened upon a letter addressed to Marlon. I accidentally opened it and found the sweetest, cleanest little love letter from a girl named Tiffany. She was expressing her love for him and how she had the most "genuine yet major" crush on him for the past two years. It was innocent and clean. Not  like the letters I have accidentally found addressed to my other son that contained sexual innuendos and filthy talk. So after reading the letter I decided Tiffany could be my sons first girlfriend. I liked her. As I scrolled down to the bottom of the letter Tiffany had asked Marlon to write back to her either way and let her know if he shared her feelings.

I turned the letter over to see how he had responded. He had wrote "Dear Tiffany, I do not like you at this time. PS- Could you write down the names of all the other girls in your class that like me."

That's my Pooty!


  1. Bold girls. I wonder if that will mean bold women of action who sieze what they desire in the world like high paying executive jobs, etc.

  2. "At this time"...he reserves the right to change his mind at a later date. Love how smart he is!

  3. Charlene- Let's hope that what all this leads to, Bold Women leading our country

    Peg- He cracks me up all the time

    Karen- Smart guy. Except after asking for a list of possible hook ups with her classmates he may have screwed himself

  4. Where were these girls when 'I' was in school?!!!

  5. I didn't find out about the girls that had crushes on me in high school until our 40th reunion last year. Sigh...

  6. Please, please tell me this is never going to happen to my boys!? I am not sure I can handle it! although his response was awesome!

  7. LMAO!!

    Girls are such little hookers these days. Geez!

  8. Mike- I would assume not conceived yet. LOL

    Bilbo- Well I do believe in your day it was uncoth for a lady to pursue a gentleman.

    Mike- See Bilbo's response

    ETW- He is so funny. He's my fav guy in the house.

    Sara- Uhh yes, it will happen and thi sis small beans compared to what my oldest son gets....stalkers, suggestive photos thru text messages, offers to be a baby daddy. etc. Get ready.

    Candice- Aww I thought Tiff was sweet.

    Matt-Man- I knew you would!